A J Charnaud & Co develops and manufactures protective clothing. The company supplies specialised safety products to various industries dealing with hazards, such as molten metal splash, heat, flames and fire, as well as arc flash in oil and electric applications.

A J Charnaud offers a complete head-to-foot range of certified products supported by advanced professional and technical assistance. The Charnaud Group exports its personal protective clothing and systems worldwide, to shield workers from hazards.

Certified protective clothing

All A J Charnaud products are certified in South Africa, with many products carrying international certification. The company is a permanent member of the South African National Standards Committee on electric arc flash.

Survive-ARC® comprises a head-to-foot range of protective wear designed to protect workers against electric arc flash. Garments are guaranteed permanently flame-resistant for their life, certified to international standards.
SHAFT-TECH® shaft sinker garments are designed to withstand various fuels and protect workers in high-abrasion work areas typically found in the mining industry.
METAL-SAFE® head-to-foot protective wear is designed to offer protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flames and welding. This range is ideal for smelters, cast houses, furnaces and severe hot-metal applications.
ZERO-TECH® garments protect and enhance a worker's performance in cold conditions. Garments may either be flame-resistant or non-flame-resistant with a waterproof option available.
ALU-SAFE® is an internationally certified range of garments designed to protect workers against the hazards of molten aluminium and cryolite (reduction cell flux) splash in primary aluminium smelters and downstream operations.
ACI-FLAM® are highly specialised workwear garments that offer protection against highly concentrated and dangerous acids, and have the additional benefit of being inherently flame-resistant.
FIRE-SAFE® comprises a full head-to-foot range of permanently flame-resistant workwear garments for protection against flames and fires. Fabrics, garments and accessories are certified to international standards.
AQUA-TECH® industrial waterproof garments made from PVC-coated fabrics manufactured for light to heavy-duty industrial use. The PVC is coated onto a strong woven polyester base fabric.

Molten metal protection garments for workers

ALu-SAFE® is one of A J Charnaud’s flagship brands as well as an internationally certified safety product. It protects workers from molten aluminium and cryolite (reduction cell flux) splash in primary aluminium smelters. In addition to its unique molten metal shedding ability, ALu-SAFE is naturally flame-resistant throughout its whole lifecycle. ALu-SAFE fabrics meet the requirements for EN ISO 11612:2008 and the International Aluminium Institute’s procedure B standard for personal protective clothing.

Electric arc flash protection gear

When an electrical current passes through air between ungrounded and grounded conductors, temperatures can reach up to 20,000°C in a fraction of a second, with tremendous pressure blast and shrapnel hurling at high velocity.

A J Charnaud’s Survive-ARC® consists of a broad range of arc flash protective clothing designed to protect electrical workers against the hazards of an electric arc flash. The newest addition to the Survive-ARC range of products is the high-visibility knitted work wear garment. These specialised high-visibility protective work garments are designed for the electrical, manufacturing, petro chemical, oil and gas and railway industries.

Head-to-foot personal protective clothing

Although A J Charnaud mainly manufactures personal protective clothing, the company also supplies complete head-to-foot solution for safety. This is achieved by obtaining the essential certified accessories and personal protective equipment to complement the company’s range of safety clothing. A J Charnaud’s slogan, ‘your last line of defence’ summarises its commitment to total safety.

A long-standing commitment to ensuring the safety of customers has led A J Charnaud to the development of ground-breaking technology in personal protective clothing, resulting in a wide assortment of protective product ranges, such as:

  • ALu-SAFE®: a range of specialised protective garments for the aluminium industry
  • Survive-ARC®: arc flash protective clothing designed for the electrical worker
  • Aluminised®: aluminised garments that protect against radiant heat and molten metal splash
  • Metal-Safe®: garments are made from the next generation of personal protective fabrics that protect against hot metal
  • Charnaud Smelter Boot®: ultra high-resistance towards temperature, electrical current, acid and punctures
  • Aqua-TECH®: industrial rainwear made from coated yellow PVC used for light-to-heavy duty industrial use
  • Fire-TECH®: full range of products for structural, veld and industrial fire fighting
  • Fire-SAFE®: a full range of flame resistant work wear designed for a variety of applications in various industries
  • Wool-SAFE®: garments made from treated pure new wool to protect against flames and heat
  • Zero-TECH®: designed to protect and enhance worker’s performance in cold conditions
  • Shaft-TECH®: designed to withstand various fuels in a high abrasion work area typically found within the mining industry

Protective industrial clothing and equipment

The company was founded in 1975 by Fiona and Andrew Charnaud to produce industrial rainwear for the South African market. Since then, A J Charnaud has expanded its range of products significantly and today supplies advanced personal protective clothing and equipment to various sectors of the worldwide economy.

Today, the company aims to continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and distinction in personal protective clothing and equipment.