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Multi-Stage Centrifugal Surface Pumps, Drives, Controls and Communication Systems


GE’s multi-stage centrifugal SPS™ surface pumping systems, drives, controls and communication systems are available to the mining, municipal industrial and geothermal (MMIG) industry for use in the following applications:

  • Seawater or raw water transfer (to mines for processing)
  • Mine de-watering – open pit, decline and shaft mining
  • Dust suppression
  • Water disposal injection
  • Power fluid pumping for borehole mining, or long wall hydraulic equipment
  • Boiler feed
  • Cavern (salt-dome) leaching

Pre-packaged surface pumping units

SPS surface pumps are delivered to the job site pre-assembled and can be used as portable skid-mounted units, trailer-mounted units and as multiple pumps in fixed installations at main pump stations.

Ideally suited for mining and MMIG applications, SPS systems only require suction flange, discharge flange and power hookups upon delivery. The Easily Modified SPS Frame (EMF™) is pre-wired with instrumentation and cabling terminated in a central junction box. This proprietary frame, paired with the versatile, modular design of our pumps, facilitates on-site installation and in-field maintenance with efficient site preparation.

Our SPS pumps are available in gas, electric or diesel-powered models and can handle up to 2,500 US gpm, discharging pressures up to 6,000psi.

Potash mine - saturated brine application, Canada.
Solution mining - cavern storage brine pumps, US.
SPS power fluid pumps on borehole mining application at a manganese mine, US.

SPS pumps for mine water management

Mine operators must be able to manage water throughout the operation and quickly alleviate problems as they occur. Effective dewatering utilizing GE’s SPS pumps creates dry conditions so that low-strength aquifer sequence materials (sands, gravel, and clays) can be excavated.

Our products are designed to reduce wear and corrosion on equipment, as well as the possibility of pump burn out. They are also designed to produce unsaturated excavated material, which is less costly to transport than heavier saturated materials.

In many mines, the amount of water that must be pumped exceeds the mines’ water consumption requirements. In this case, a majority of the excess water is discharged to our surface SPS water pumping systems, re-injected into aquifers, applied to crop land, or piped to power plants.

Pumping systems for cavern leaching

In salt dome leaching processes, our SPS pumps are frequently used to circulate water to absorb the salt content. A large underground cavern is formed after the salt has been leached and the brine water is removed.

GE’s SPS pumps are also used to re-inject liquids and liquefied gases such as oil, natural gas, light hydrogen gas or even hazardous waste into the empty caverns for storage.

Pump controls, condition monitoring and diagnostic systems

GE offers a wide variety of automation and surface control equipment to help you increase the reliability and efficiency of your surface pumping systems.

Vector™ VII variable speed drives (VSD) are compatible with SPS™ pumping systems and include an intuitive operator interface, application specific software and expanded communications capability.

Available in ratings from 104kVA-1,515kVA, these drives include a full-color graphical interface to provide motor speed, current as well as overload and underload settings. Controlled starts, auto restarts, delays as well as programmable security codes and digital lockout features are available with the Vector VII VSD to provide added equipment protection.

The Apollo™ intelligent control system is a standardized machine control and monitoring interface, designed to improve the effectiveness of your reliability / maintenance program by continually monitoring your pump system’s health and automatically notifying you of changes or conditions that require intervention.

Apollo includes pre-loaded pump curves and a full-color graphical display, allowing you to quickly assess equipment status information and easily develop customized programming.

Remote monitoring and control of pump operation is possible for sites located anywhere in the world using SCADA systems connected via Ethernet, cellular modems, radio or satellite communication systems.

Certified pumps for the mining industry

GE SPS units are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards and are tested to meet API RP 11S2 regulations. Depending on final destination and area of operation, units can be manufactured to meet most international standards, including ABS, DNV, CE and Atex.

White Papers

  • SPS Case Study: Wyoming Waterflood Injection Facility

    A Wyoming oil field was producing approximately 3,300 BOPD with a 99% water cut. To maintain field production levels, the operator was using three vertical turbine pumps to re-inject up to 100,000 BPD of the produced water to flood the formation. The existing waterflood facility and vertical turbine pumps had become inefficient and costly to operate/maintain.

  • Surface Pumping Systems

    We know that the life cycle of industrial pumps are often at the center of your decision making process. That is why GE is your partner for the long run. We carefully consider the life-cycle operating efficiencies, power consumption, environmental impact and reliability of our pumps to ensure they will meet your needs now and in the future.

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