eco degrease

Eco-Friendly Cleaning solutions for the remediation of contaminated soil, water and hard surfaces.

Water-based degreaser

EDS Solutions is the manufacturer of Ecokleen water-based degreaser for medium to heavy-duty degreasing requirements.

Ecokleen features include:

EcoKleen is a water-based degreaser for medium to heavy-duty degreasing requirements.
Petrozorb is an organic fibre absorbent that remediates hydrocarbons spills, where water cleaning is not possible.
Grit waterless hand cleaner removes soils, fats, grease, oil, ink and more without alkalis or abrasives.
Hummingbird is an organic, multi-purpose cleaner that is both effective and biodegradable.
Eco Degrease and Separation offers eco-friendly water-based degreaser, cleaners, absorbents and spill kits.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effectively cleans and transports hydrocarbons (oils, greases, petrol and diesel) to the point of separation
  • Is a ‘quick release’ for effective separation of harmful substances from water

Hydrocarbon and chemical absorbent

Absorbents are used in the handling of hydrocarbons and chemicals that are spilt in an area where the use of water is not possible. Petrozorb is applied to the contaminated area. It consists of organic fibres containing oil-eating microbes (OEM) that absorb and remediate the contaminated area, for example, soil, water or hard surfaces.

Grit waterless hand cleaner

Grit Hand Cleaner is a blue, waterless hand cleaner containing grit (sodium) and a skin conditioner, so it functions as an emollient and a soluble scrubber.

Grit Hand Cleaner acts against the heaviest soils, fats, grease, oil, ink, etc. without using harsh alkalis and abrasives. This hand cleaning product is economical, non-toxic and 100% active.

Multi-purpose cleaner and steriliser

Eco Degreaser’s multi-purpose cleaner is organic so it does not allow bacteria to mutate, whereas parasites develop immunity to synthetic chemicals and can eventually survive of these chemicals.

Natural oils have the ability to cover bacteria virus and various insect larvae, by plugging the pores they breathe through, thereby suffocating the organism. Biodegradability starts immediately and, depending on weather conditions, biodegrades within seven days.

About Eco Degrease and Separation Solutions

Eco Degrease and Separation Solutions offers a complete environmental solution by way of its eco-friendly, water-based degreaser / cleaning chemicals, absorbents and spill kits. These solutions will ensure that your site is ISO:14001 compliant.

Ongoing research and development on the company’s consumable product range will render EDS at the forefront of the latest technical, cost-effective solutions that truly work.

EDS identifies this as its ‘long-term financial investment’ between the company and its valued clients and, most importantly, contributing to minimising your carbon footprint.