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Mining Application Integration and Wireless Network Solutions

3D-P designs and deploys wireless networks in mines, and has done for over 20 years.

Suite 200, 8 Manning Close NE,
T2E 7N5 Alberta,

Suite 200, 8 Manning Close NE,
T2E 7N5 Alberta,


3D-P solutions make Smart IoT (Internet of Things) a reality for mining. Through a complete range of wireless connectivity solutions, custom wireless design specific to the challenges of the industry, and the powerful edge-computing capabilities of the Intelligent Endpoint® (IEP) product line, 3D-P provides both the connectivity and edge computing capability necessary for optimal management of your operations every day.

Wireless network design and deployment solutions for mine sites

With a strict focus on outdoor industrial networks, and specializing in both above and underground mines, 3D-P provides design, deployment, optimization, and support services for purpose-built wireless networks that support our customers’ specific mobility and data access requirements.

Our wireless networks are designed for real-time mine operations with design features which specifically target the unique challenges the mining environment presents.

Edge-computing platforms

Working hand-in-hand with the network design, the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) is a highly capable edge-computing device.

The IEP is an open computing platform with interfaces for communications to all mobile equipment systems and a broad suite of utility applications to manage data flow over the network, trigger actions based on geo-fences and monitor network performance.

Native and third party applications can be hosted on the IEP, performing edge-computing functions which utilize the available data prior to sending it over the network, reducing the network load and the amount of expensive hardware on the equipment.

Downloading of data can be prioritized by application, only allowed in specific geo-fenced areas or times, or allowed to utilize only a portion of the available bandwidth, helping to reduce and manage the load on the wireless network.

Production and asset health systems

Adding to the suite of applications already available on the IEP, the 3D-P production and maintenance reporting systems offer a cost-effective and easy-to-implement production and asset health solution.

The iVolve-powered solution interface with the systems aboard the heavy equipment and reports in real-time through flexible and easy-to-use dashboards.

The modular 3D-P production and maintenance reporting systems are designed to allow individual systems to be deployed based on each mine’s specific needs, from a single data point to full production and asset health when needs and scale change.

Reliable wireless networks for underground sites

Leveraging 20 years of mining wireless communication experience and readily available ruggedized network components, 3D-P now offers high-performance and cost-effective networks for underground mines.

Overcoming the tracking and communication challenges with personnel and machinery typical to underground wireless communication systems, the 3D-P network can provide continuous network access through the mine and full 802.11n network speeds.

Deployed networks allow real-time communication and data transfer between supervisors, and enabled vehicles and equipment, as well as real-time production and asset-health tracking.

About 3D-P

Established in 1996 to bring value-added technology to the mining industry, 3D-P was one of the first companies to introduce and promote purpose-built open networking and computing platforms for mining applications.

Through its IEP, 3D-P’s objective was to end vendor lock-in and allow customers to adopt a ‘best of breed’ approach to solving their communications and technology needs.

Today, 3D-P empowers mining operators to transition from ‘connected’ IoT to ‘smart’ IoT with vendor agnostic wireless network designs and powerful edge-computing platforms.

3D-P Insight

3D-P Insight is a comprehensive tool, purpose-built for mining allowing you to easily monitor, trend, and alert on key business performance indicators.

e200 Intelligent Endpoint

The Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) product line is a set of robust communication and computing devices designed specifically for mining and heavy industrial environments.

3D-P Remote Power Stations

The remote power stations from 3D-P allow you to quickly and cost-effectively deploy power to remote locations.

3D-P Machine Health

3D-P’s Machine Health, powered by Honeywell’s Mobile Equipment Monitor (MEM) allows you to remotely monitor, analyze and improve fleet and operator performance in real-time.

A Quarry Optimises its Production Cost-Effectively

While the pilot was given two years to demonstrate the ROI of the technology, the site managed to prove it in less than a year through a combination of cost reduction and operational improvement.

Supporting Autonomy with a Mission-Critical Network

While mining applications initially required only basic telemetry to transmit data, the rise of more complex applications, including fleet management, resulted in a requirement for better-performing networks.

Why Network Downtime Affects your Productivity

We will discuss here five examples of how network downtime, even in a non-autonomous environment, can affect your productivity by impacting a variety of business units within your mine.

Monitoring your Wireless Network

Access to your data in real-time is becoming increasingly critical. The more data you push over our networks, the more you need to apply the lessons of Smart IoT.

Reducing the Risk Management Associated with Deployment of your Digital Mine

An increase in safety, productivity and decrease of overall machine downtime have been key drivers for digitalization in mining. This process has, however, a cost that may have limited or slowed down some miners in deploying technologies at their site, due to a challenge in calculating and predicting ROI.

3D-P Introduces Underground Wireless Networks

3D-P, a global leader for providing wireless connectivity and IOT solutions for the mining industry, is pleased to announce the availability of high-performance, cost-effective wireless networks for underground mines.

3D-P Wins Major Contract with New MMG Project in Peru

3D-P has been awarded the contract for the deployment of the wireless network at the Las Bambas Copper project near Cusco, Peru. When operational, Las Bambas is expected to become one of the top three copper producing mines in the world and shipment of the first concentrate is expected in the first quarter of 2016.

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