At Prospect Consulting, we focus on providing outstanding recruitment and management consulting services to the mining, energy and associated industries. Whether you are looking for the best people for your organisation, looking to improve your team through leadership development or looking for tangible and cost effective solutions to improve your mining operation, we can help.

The combination of our experienced team and our wealth of knowledge in the resources sector means we can help your organisation create high performance teams and improve performance through your people.

Performance management for mine people, processes and systems

As an overview, we look at the business performance management of your organisation. Our areas of expertise are all around people, processes and systems with our key premise of ‘performance through people’: whether that’s the right person for the job, the right processes to assist your people to improve production, or developing the right systems with your people.

Recruitment consultants to the mining industry

Prospect has been focused on the mining and energy sectors for almost 15 years. Our specialist recruiters based in Brisbane and Newcastle continue to produce outstanding results for our clients, no matter how challenging it may be to find the stand out candidate for the role.

Prospect Consulting specialises in operational improvement, organisational development, recruitment and human resource management in the mining and resource sector.
Since 1993 we've been helping both Australian and international mining and resource companies maximise their business and people performance.
Our business performance management (BPM) is a framework designed to bring about success for your mine.
Our BPM for mines aligns your people, processes and systems to effectively deliver your strategy and to engage your workforce in that delivery.
Once BPM is implemented you will have a workforce of engaged mine employees who are using 'in control' and 'capable' processes.

By ensuring a high level of understanding of roles, we are able to accurately identify candidates with the required skills, knowledge and experience.

Mine business performance management

Our business performance management (BPM) structure is a framework designed to bring about this success. It is a process of defining a vision and desired strategic outcomes, linking budget and tactical plans to these strategic outcomes, setting performance standards, reporting results, and holding managers and employees accountable for delivering the results.

It is designed to align your people, processes and systems to effectively deliver your strategy and to engage your workforce in that delivery. Once implemented you will have a workforce of engaged employees who are using ‘in control’ and ‘capable’ processes, have up-to-date and correct information, are making the right decisions based on that information, and are motivated to:

  • Plan strategically and tactically
  • Manage major projects
  • Develop budgets to set achievable targets and to manage cash flow
  • Assign, implement and follow-up work to ensure it complies with standard operating procedures
  • Manage and control variances to continually improve performance
  • Report to key stakeholders on lead and lag performance indicators
  • Manage departmental, sections’/teams’ and individuals’ performance to deliver site objectives
  • Synchronise all reporting requirements to their relevant plans

Case study: recruitment of operators and maintainers for open-cut coal mine

A significant open-cut coal producer in the Hunter Valley recently required assistance from Prospect in the mass recruitment of operators and maintainers for their greenfield operation. The client required 120 operators and 15 maintainers over the course of six months and was committed to creating a culture where people make the difference.

It was essential that each of the new employees had the cultural fit for the organisation. To ensure cultural alignment throughout the workforce, site contractors were utilised to start the project and then reduced as the permanent workforce were employed.

Core competency models for open-cut coal mine personnel

Initial discussions with the management team of the operation were conducted to establish a core competency model for the roles. The competency model was then validated at existing mine sites operated by the same organisation.

Case study: recruitment services for open-cut, underground and CHPP mines

Our client, a significant coal producer in the Hunter Valley, had an immediate need to appoint a recruitment service provider to deliver a seamless solution to ensure the recruitment objectives were met for the open-cut, underground and CHPP operations.

Mine recruitment process outsourcing

During the nine-month project, Prospect implemented a tailored recruitment process outsourcing solution, which included:

  • Establishing a value-driven, fixed-cost framework
  • Managing all client and candidate liaison throughout the recruitment process
  • Creation of competency-based job specifications to increase attraction and suitability for the job
  • Multi-channel sourcing strategy (online and press advertising, and referrals)
  • Pre-screening interviews conducted by Prospect with all shortlisted candidates
  • Psychometric assessment and debrief of all shortlisted candidates
  • Formulation of competency-based interview scripts to ensure consistent and objective decision-making
  • Facilitation of offer negotiations and confirmation of acceptance