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Voice-Based Digital Assistant for the Mining Industry

Contact Harald has launched its new AI-powered, voice-based digital assistant, Ask Harry.

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Contact Harald is a technology company that builds products to deliver critical safety, efficiency, and productivity solutions across a range of industries, including mining.

In the past decade, the company’s products have concentrated on emerging internet of things (IoT) and tracking technologies, as well as more recent voice-based and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Our human-centred designs combine voice, AI and IoT systems to deliver meaningful insights and improve team experience.

Contact Harald has recently launched Ask Harry, its new AI product. The voice-based intelligence system generates high-quality, human-like responses to automate repetitive tasks and enhance safety, productivity, and communications.

AI-powered digital assistant for mine sites

Ask Harry is an enterprise-grade voice-based intelligent agent, which uses AI with natural language to improve communications, accessibility and inclusion across workforces. Ask Harry aims to increase productivity and improve team communications, safety, and compliance through automation, AI and natural language.

Ask Harry aims to increase productivity and improve team communications, safety, and compliance.
Ask Harry expedites hazard and incident reporting, increases compliance rates, reduces handover gaps and enhances safety decision-making.
Miners can receive safety information and clarification using two-way radios.

Using a phone or radio, workers can access site updates, request critical operational information or quickly send hazard reports. Ask Harry can also be integrated with current workflows and technology to remove the need for complicated training or updates.

Safety, productivity and compliance optimisation

Ask Harry helps improve on-site safety, delivering new ways to connect teams and engage employees with AI voice and natural language. The voice-based intelligent assistant can be your choice of male or female voice and is able to speak and translate 38 different languages.

With a voice interface that is significantly faster and more detailed than manual information entry, Ask Harry decreases downtime and lost-time rates to increase productivity. The assistant also expedites hazard and incident reporting, which increases compliance rates while reducing handover gaps and enhancing safety decision-making.

By using application programming interfaces (APIs), Ask Harry can simply integrate into existing construction, mining and occupational health and safety (OH&S) platform workflows, removing the need for complicated training or costly changes.

Report completion requirements can help improve the results of audits and overall audit scores. Meanwhile, actionable, data-driven insights allow users to track progress, identify trends and develop strategies for improving workplace health and safety and other important business compliance and productivity metrics.

Voice-based assistant for the mining industry

As a conversational AI-powered digital assistant, Ask Harry can enhance productivity and help ensure worker safety with a simple phone call.

Miners can receive safety information and clarification using two-way radios. Ask Harry can also improve productivity by providing real-time updates on work tasks. Furthermore, uploads of vital safety information and hazard reports are faster and easier.

About Contact Harald

Contact Harald is an Australia-based technology and design company with a presence in 19 countries.

Our proven solutions are used and trusted by governments and companies around the world. As well as mining, Contact Harald provides solutions for manufacturing, logistics, construction and pharmaceutical industries.

Our products are used throughout Australia, Europe, and the US to enhance team safety and productivity. Our clients include Nestle, BHP, Lendlease, Built, John Holland, Multiplex, Unilever, Paramount, Darrell Lea, Trident Seafood, and the Sydney Opera House.

Contact Harald’s Australian engineering and design teams take products from inception to delivery. With this integrated approach to design, we closely combine the entire experience and delivers more human technology solutions.

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Contact Harald - Ask Harry
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