Miracom provides high-quality security and communication systems for tunnel, mining and construction sites. Its integrated communication, logistics and security system (iCLAS) provides better security at construction sites through control and visualisation of processes. It also increases efficiency thanks to the perfect integration of the latest technologies and equipment for tracking, control and communications.

iCLAS was developed for the construction and fitting phase in tunnels, mining, underground constructions and large construction sites. iCLAS further assists applications in logistics and management support. Its high level of flexibility and modular concept makes it an ideal fit for any construction and mining site where security, communications and control and logistics come together.

iCLAS is already successfully implemented and operational in tunnels and rock laboratories, and provides support for scientists.

Real-time mine security system

iCLAS provides access control and real-time location services for people, vehicles, machines, tools and other equipment. The alarm service integrated into the system manually or automatically notifies people and staff inside the tunnel and the control centre in an emergency situation.

iCLAS is an integrated communication logistics and security system for mine sites.
Its security system includes an integrated alarm system with manual or automatic notification in the event of an emergency.
iCLAS’ voice communication service includes an independent wired and wireless system for use in tunnels.
All mine data can be recorded and transferred to a data administration centre, enabling centralised management.
iCLAS can integrate and optimise mining logistics, and features RFID technology for vehicle tracking.
iCLAS provides a centralised management system for the operation and control of barriers, gates, ventilation, lighting, etc.

Alarms are indicated via visual and acoustic signals and on-screen notifications. Ruggedised emergency phones provide the ability to stay in touch with the dedicated control centre. Video monitoring is an integrated part of the emergency system.

Tunnel-based wired and wireless voice communication system

In addition to emergency phones, the system provides a second independent wired and wireless voice communication system inside and outside of the tunnel. The voice system provides its own voice switch, or can be integrated with existing office voice communication systems. The system also features interfaces to safety organisations such as fire or police departments.

Mine security system with data communication

A wide range of measurements and probe data (such as water, pump, ventilation and air quality values) can be recorded and transferred securely to a data administration centre.

Different measurement devices can be easily connected due to standardised interfaces. Onsite power supply, fire detection and other facilities of the security system can all be monitored and controlled. The implemented WLAN data network enables wireless use and connection for data applications anywhere.

Security system with integrated logistics

The wide range of possible system applications enables the efficient optimisation of logistic processes in construction sites and mining projects.

Optimisation of logistics reduces long-term costs. Material flow management systems that track and assign materials at various storage and installation locations can also be integrated. iCLAS provides a base for logistics and connects with sophisticated RFID technology for tracking purposes.

Mine security and communication system operation and control

All measured values on the construction site are recorded and processed centrally. Barriers, gates, ventilation, lighting and machines are then monitored by the system and remotely controlled (both automatically and manually).

The various systems and disciplines are combined, evaluated and provided in the control centre. The redundant structure and fall-back levels prevent a complete failure of the entire system. This means that the highest possible levels of system availability are implemented and can be ensured.

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