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Lubrication and Fire Suppression Systems for optimal performance and protection of mining mobile equipment

JSG Industrial Systems is regarded as a market leader in the field of cost-effective occupational health and safety and environmental solutions.

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Muster Foam fire suppression system and SKF Lincoln progressive lubrication system with P203 pump installed on a loader. Best suited for small to medium sized machines.

JSG Industrial Systems can help you achieve your mobile equipment performance metrics and protect your investment.

Regardless of where you are in the lubrication process or the type of machine you use, we will partner with you to identify the lubrication system that best suits your requirements. Our Fire Suppression Systems will proactively and reliably protect your investment and people.

Addressing machine lubrication

Conveyors and mobile machinery such as excavators, haul trucks and loaders all face harsh outdoor conditions and heavy loads that are hard on components.

40% of maintenance costs are connected to poor lubrication with one of the most common causes being incorrect lubrication. Avoid costly downtime with one of our automatic lubrication systems. Drive machine uptime, availability, and reliability.

12 outlet SKF Lincoln progressive lubrication system with divider valve providing grease to a ripper.
SKF Lincoln SLV injection system covering the main points on the front of a grader.
SKF Lincoln Progressive lubrication system installed on a dozer. Continuous lubrication for small to medium sized machines.
Muster Foam fire suppression system and SKF Lincoln progressive lubrication system with P203 pump installed on a loader. Best suited for small to medium sized machines.
SKF Lincoln 8kg progressive system installed on a CAT 950 loader.
SKF Lincoln lubrication systems installed on an A30/40 dump truck.

Our solutions include:

• Single-line lubrication systems for small to medium line length and most lubricants
• Dual-line lubrication systems for large systems with dispersed lubrication points and varying lubrication quantities
• Multi-line grease systems for mining machinery in high stress environments
• Progressive lubrication systems for medium sized machines that need continuous lubrication
• Oil circulation systems for lubricating and cooling highly stressed bearings in nearly every machine size

Addressing machine protection

Mining companies make significant investments in mobile equipment. Investing in a fire suppression system protects the asset by reducing the risk of fire damage and loss and reduces the risk of injury to operators. Significantly reduce the risk of property damage, financial loss and operational disruption.

Our solutions include:

Advanced fire suppression technology provides ranging from a single handheld extinguisher to a transportable manual system or a complete, engineered automatic actuating solution.

• Foam based fire suppression systems where liquid hydrocarbon fuels pose a high fire risk
• Aerosol systems that are used as a standalone system of in conjunction with foam
• Self generation fire suppression systems
• Transferable fire fighting unit that can be easily transferred from one piece of machinery to another
• Alarm panel that provides 24/7 monitoring capabilities for all system types, allowing the operator to view the system integrity.
• Stainless steel components ensure performance in challenging mining environments.

Our services

Our Engineering and Technical Services Team provide expert advice in the product selection process, design & installation, followed by training and service support to all our customers. Through our qualified distributor network, we can provide local area support throughout markets we fully understand in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia & the South Pacific.

About JSG

JSG Industrial Systems was established in 1968 and takes pride in being a reputable provider of the globally recognised SKF Lincoln lubrication brand. Throughout the years, we have established ourselves as specialists in lubrication products and solutions for the mining industry.

We have since expanded our range of products into flow management and fire suppression and continue to provide cost-effective solutions to mine sites across the globe.

We have established long-term supplier relationships with leading manufactures that include SKF, Lincoln, Muster, Faicom, Cobra, Flomax International, All-Flo, Trico and Kobold.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Why A Fire Suppression System is Crucial

    In the rapidly evolving realm of autonomous mining machinery, the need for robust fire suppression systems is more crucial than ever. The Muster automatic fire suppression system emerges as a beacon of certainty, offering proactive solutions tailored to the unique challenges of autonomous operations.

  • JSG Offers Centralised Lubrication Systems from the SKF Range

    JSG Industrial's relationship with Lincoln lubrication began back in 1968. Within this time both companies have worked very closely together to support and distribute class leading lubrication products and systems to the Australasian marketplace. Starting in November 2012, SKF will be joining this union.

Products & services

  • Automatic Electric Cartridge Pump (AECP)

    Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your compact machinery with the AECP, offering dependable lubrication from cartridge to progressive lubrication systems.

  • Automatic Lubrication Systems

    Efficient lubrication is paramount for machine reliability, as improper lubrication can result in heightened downtime, escalated expenses, and an uptick in safety incidents.

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    Considerable investments are made in mobile equipment, and automatic fire suppression systems offer a proactive and dependable approach to mitigating risks and reducing potential property damage, financial loss, and operational disruptions.

  • Muster Control Panels

    At the heart of every Muster Fire Suppression System is the control panel; an integrated device that incorporates control, monitoring, and activation of the fire suppression system.

  • Fuel Management

    Efficiently managing the flow of fuels and other liquids is a critical aspect that determines success across many industries.

  • Hose Reels

    To see the full range of JSGs high-quality and versatile hose reels, download the product guide above.

  • Semi-Automatic Battery Powered Grease Guns

    The Lincoln Li-Ion PowerLuber, a heavy-duty battery-powered grease gun designed for demanding environments. This lithium-ion battery-operated grease gun combines power and versatility to simplify equipment maintenance and tackle tough jobs with ease.

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