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Environmental and Waste Management Services

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Enviropacific Services is a key environmental and waste management service provider delivering solutions across all sectors of the oil and gas market. We have undertaken remediation, water treatment and demolition projects on downstream assets, ranging from oil refineries to commercial fuel storage depots, and are currently providing expertise and technology solutions to the expanding coal seam gas (CSG) market in Northern New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

Environmental management, remediation management and water management are all key aspects to delivering a sustainable industry sector. With our knowledge and ability to delivery robust and efficient services, Enviropacific provides solutions to everyday problems.

Enviropacific’s ability to deliver a wide range of services to the oil and gas industry is based on the provision of innovative, integrated and cost-effective solutions to enable projects to meet or exceed their commercial and regulatory expectations. Our client’s needs and outcomes are always at the forefront of our project deliverables.

Water treatment, management and containment technology

Enviropacific offers a complete range of water treatment, management and containment technologies across industrial, petroleum, construction and allied industries. Focusing on delivering solutions, Enviropacific has delivered water remediation and treatment projects across Australia, dealing with salinity, hydrocarbons, dissolved solvents and heavy metals.

Oily water treatment and recycling: Enviropacific Services tailors site-specific and packaged systems to handle all types of contaminants.
Our services to upstream oil and gas markets include the remediation and decommissioning of facilities.
We provide innovative waste management and reuse technologies such as thermal desorption, oil recovery and catalyst regeneration.
We offer water treatment technologies for all industries, including coal seam gas, refineries and packaged water treatment systems.

Enviropacific has a team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians that aim to deliver projects that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our ability to manufacture skid-mounted mobile systems to permanent on-site systems ensures we are leading the market on equipment technology and implementation.

We are also able to review current operating water treatment systems, maintain and provide recommendations on solutions to improve or complement your site’s equipment.

Sustainable environmental management services for the mining industry

Implementing a cradle to grave approach, and utilising best practice in converting waste into resources, Enviropacific is able to provide on-site and offsite treatment technologies for the oil and gas sector for soil contamination, hazardous waste management and water treatment (as described above).

Services available include thermal desorption, bioremediation, hazardous waste management, and recycling / reuse programmes.

Environmental management projects

Enviropacific has delivered environmental management projects using these technologies, addressing the following issues:

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) remediation
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) remediation
  • Pesticides and chlorinated solvents remediation
  • Tank bottom sludge processing
  • Catalyst regeneration / reclamation
  • Dioxins and furans remediation

Streamlining our services and providing a central point of contact for all oil and gas services provides our clients with the assurance that Enviropacific recognises the needs and challenges faced by energy explorers, developers, producers and refiners.

Demolition and decommissioning services

Through our specialised demolition business, Enviropacific Demolition Services, we offer a complete and unrestricted demolition and decommissioning service to all sectors within the oil and gas industry. We have successfully demolished oil refineries, bulk storage tanks and relocated infrastructure through detailed and quality-assured decommissioning and dismantling projects.

Whether the project is in a remote location, urban setting or part of a larger site redevelopment, Enviropacific Services is a leader in the field of demolition and decommissioning, and strives to deliver all projects with zero tolerance for HSSE-related matters.

Decommissioning and demolition projects

Enviropacific Services has recently been involved in the demolition and dismantling of the QER Shale Oil Refinery in Gladstone; the demolition of a gas turbine power plant in Rockhampton QLD; and the demolition of redundant water treatment facilities in Central NSW.

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