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Olympus NDT

Portable XRF Analysers for Mining Applications

Olympus NDT is a specialist manufacturer of portable geochemical analysers for the global exploration and mining industry.

48 Woerd Avenue,
02453 Massachusetts,
United States of America

48 Woerd Avenue,
02453 Massachusetts,
United States of America

Olympus NDT is a specialist manufacturer of portable geochemical analysers for the global exploration and mining industry. Our unparalleled in-house expertise in utilising technology for field geological scenarios sets us apart from the rest.

Having forged long-term partnerships with exploration and mining companies, Olympus NDT understands the mineral exploration and mining industry and the demanding environments in which its equipment is used. We have engineered our analysers to be rugged and reliable in order to keep you up and running in the field.

Rugged XRF analysers for mining projects

Portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) allows you to analyse hundreds of items on-site each day, giving you rapid decision-making based on accurate, immediate analysis.

The company’s DELTA line of rugged XRF analysers offers a range of high-productivity tools that efficiently and accurately meet your geochemical sampling requirements. From the DELTA-50 Premium, optimised for rare earth elements (REEs) to the DELTA Classic, configured to meet an array of applications at an attractive price. The DELTA range comprises:

  • DELTA-50 Premium: the ideal handheld analyser for REE exploration and grading with a 4W 50kV X-ray tube. The large area, high-performance SDD, working in conjunction with the higher voltage output of the tube, enables better sensitivity for important high-Z elements including REEs, Cd and Ag
  • DELTA Premium: combining a large area, high-performance SDD, and a 4W optimised X-ray tube, the Premium is the ultimate solution for ultra quick, analytically demanding applications, and superior light element (Mg, Al, Si) analysis
  • DELTA Standard: silicon drift detector providing excellent speed and LODs, as well as some light element analysis capabilities
  • DELTA Classic: our classic DELTA analyzer is equipped with a Si PIN detector. A high-tech, flexible analyser for typical XRF analysis applications

Mobile GPS-GIS mapping for XRF analysers

Pioneered by Olympus NDT geologists, the company’s Xplorer package seamlessly combines (in real time) XRF generated data into your geographic information system (GIS) package in the field. The results are massive time and cost savings, improved data integrity, and an integrated, automated data management and validation process.

Though the return on your investment of a portable XRF project depends on many different aspects of use, including the type of project and the target material, the value added by having this data can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mining and metallurgical processing

Portable XRF can provide massive productivity increases through on-site, immediate geochemical analysis results. This instant source of data allows you to make quick decisions and can help you run your mining project swiftly and smoothly.

Sample and matrix specific calibrations are usually required for mine-site applications. The DELTA is designed to be easy to set up and use with multiple calibration models to ensure optimal performance – even for challenging light element (Mg, Al, Si) analysis.

Instantaneous screening of blast-hole samples in open pits allows for more efficient movement of ore / waste material by reducing the reliance on the turnaround time from the mine laboratory.

Field analysis of stockpiles assists rapid blending and feeding to the mill, while real-time analysis of feeds, concentrates and tails allows immediate dosing adjustments to be made in the processing plant.

Fast analysis for gold, uranium, base metals and iron ore mining

The advanced analytical performance and broad element suite means there is an Olympus NDT field portable XRF for nearly any geological situation.

Common applications include analysis for:

  • Base metals: Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Mo
  • Gold
  • Uranium +/- rare earth elements
  • Nickel sulphide and laterite deposits
  • Iron ore and bauxites
  • Phosphates and potash
  • Epithermal Sn-W-Mo-Bi-Sb deposits

XRF analysers for mineral exploration

For exploration applications, the average return on investment (ROI) timescale is about six months; however, this varies slightly on a project by project basis.

The analysers facilitate qualitative chemistry analysis of rock, chip, soil, and sediment samples at the early regional reconnaissance and mapping stages, as well as yielding quantitative data during first pass regional soil, sediment, till, and trenching stages.

Pre-screening of samples maximises the efficiency of your off-site laboratory testing and can lead to the immediate identification of mineralized trends and anomalies.

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