With over 1,000 laboratories and offices globally and more than 30,000 employees, Intertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world.

Genalysis Laboratory Services, an integral part of the Intertek Minerals Group, has been servicing the mining and exploration industries for over 30 years and is the partner of choice for clients across the globe. Intertek Genalysis offers leading expertise and a wide range of services with state-of-the-art facilities staffed with local experts.

World-class geochemical assay and testing services

Our network of mineral laboratory facilities offer world-class geochemical assay and testing services, including sample preparation, fire assay and precious metal analysis, exploration geochemistry, environmental services, mine-site laboratories, coal testing and inspection, consulting services, robotics and automated laboratory systems.

Advice, inspection and analytical testing for the mining sector

We offer inspection, analytical testing and advisory services to the minerals, exploration, ore and mining industries. Through our global network of laboratories, we provide a wide range of analytical services for minerals, including precious metals, base metals and their raw content, such as iron ore, bauxite, coal and coke, as well as bulk commodities. We also conduct environmental monitoring, and offer marine and trade-related inspection and services.

Valued quality delivered
We offer inspection, analytical testing and advisory services to the minerals, exploration, ore and mining industries.
Genalysis Laboratory Services has been servicing the mining and exploration industries for over 30 years.
Genalysis Laboratory Services is committed to maintaining the total confidence of customers and shareholders.

Mineral sample preparation

Genalysis Laboratory Services provides mineral sample preparation services. The production of a homogeneous sub-sample, representative of the material submitted to the laboratory, is the primary purpose of sample preparation. Correct preparation is critical to obtaining meaningful analytical results.

The selection of the specific sample preparation procedures will depend on the type and size of the sample, the mineralogy as well as the client’s analytical and budgetary requirements.

Precious metals analysis

Intertek understands the processes and in-depth analytical requirements involved in supporting precious metals mineral exploration, including resource estimation, and the issues facing explorers when analysing for precious metals.

Geochemical testing for the minerals exploration industry

The advent of sensitive, rapid throughput instrumentation such as ICP-OES and ICP-MS used to complement one another has revolutionised exploration geochemistry in the last two decades. Large multi-element packages with detection limits commensurate with crustal abundances of the analytes are available at Intertek for exploration purposes at affordable prices.

Limited AAS and ICP-OES suites are also available to suit the requirements of particular programs. A variety of digests are offered which include multi-purpose aqua regia, two and four acid ‘total’ digests along with specialised biogeochemical and partial digests specifically for greenfield exploration.

Ore grade analysis

The ore grade methods offered by Intertek are typically used in advanced exploration and for the evaluation of specific targets. The diverse suite of methods offered include those used for base metal and industrial mineral resource estimation as well as fusion methods useful for characterisation of geological samples in late stage exploration programs where total dissolution of the sample is required.

Minerals environmental testing services

Intertek’s environmental laboratory provides support to the minerals industry by testing environmental samples to governmental, regulatory and industry standards.

Mine-site laboratory and sample preparation expertise

Intertek operates, designs, and commissions dedicated mine-site laboratories in remote locations and key mining regions. The labs support a range of minerals commodities. Mine-site laboratory services range from crusher installations to full service analytical laboratories and automated robotic facilities.

Coal testing and cargo inspection services

Intertek provides the following coal testing and cargo inspection across the world, performed to industry standards:

  • Coal quality analysis
  • Coal survey and superintending services
  • Coal quality and quantity, including quality/quantity witnessing; quality/quantity management; mine-site minerals laboratories; stockpile measurement services by laser survey

Minerals consulting services

Intertek mineral services maintains a staff of experienced personnel with extensive industry knowledge to support the diverse needs of the world’s exploration and mining industries.
Mineral consulting areas of particular expertise include analytical chemistry, geochemistry, geochemistry, quality assurance, data interpretation, laboratory design and development.

Bulk mineral cargo inspection and surveying services

Intertek’s independent inspection, surveying and testing services help protect the quantity and quality of high value commodities for Intertek’s clients. Weighing and inspection for conformity, sampling, sample preparation and testing processes, are completed to international standards for certification. Mineral commodities inspected include iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, coal and pet-coke, ferro alloys, steel products, and metallurgical products.

Global scope, local presence

Intertek’s mineral laboratories are strategically located in key mining regions and locations, providing complete analytical solutions to the world’s mineral, exploration, ore and mining industries.