Shaw Almex Industries Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Equipment

Celebrating over 40 years, Shaw Almex Industries continues to provide state-of-the-art conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment technology, services and expertise to a diverse range of industries worldwide.

The unique Almex pressure bag and flexible platen system provides uniform belt pressure and temperature which is essential for quality vulcanized splices. Almex has provided presses and accessories for splicing lightweight synthetics, rubber ply belts and the highest ST rated steelcord belting used in the world. Conveyor users depend on Almex splicing equipment for reliability and cost-effective belt splicing solutions.

Frame vulcanizers

Downtime is critical when repairing a damaged belt. The two-piece frame construction greatly reduces press assembly and disassembly time for a fast, hot vulcanized splice. The FRAME vulcanizer with the patented ALMEX pressure bag system when combined with the flexible aluminum heating platens, provides uniform pressure and temperature on the splice area. The frame design is available in various configurations to give maximum versatility to the belt user.

Benefits of the Pro series – pro 100 series (100 PSI) and the pro 60 series (60 PSI) include:

  • Lightweight frame design
  • Side-by-side arrangement, presses can be joined to give a longer splice length
  • Fast heat-up and fast cooling

Sectional vulcanizers

When portability and versatility are critical, the sectional-style vulcanizer is the press of choice. Even the largest presses can be knocked down into portable components. The Sectional modular design sets up quickly and efficiently. Multi-platen arrangements can be configured to decrease or increase in size to provide solutions for various belt widths and splice lengths. Components from the sectional model can also be used with smaller platens to form spot repair presses.

SVP vulcanizer

Shaw Almex has been offering unique Sectional Vulcanizing Systems, that provide strong long-lasting splices, for over 40 years. ALMEX is now pleased to introduce their most significant design improvement since the introduction of the Sectional Press, the SVP.

Our engineering and customer service departments analysed design changes with customers to ensure that the improvements met their needs. The result is a rugged vulcanizer with fewer parts, easier to maintain, and continues to put the safety of the operator first.

The new ALMEX platen design offers heating, cooling and insulating functions along with improved serviceability. The flexible platens contour to variations in belt thickness. The pressure bag system offers uniform pressure to the platen and ultimately, the splice area. Constructed from durable materials, the SVP provides greater longevity in the harsh material handling environments.

While maintaining a high performance product ALMEX offers the customer unparalleled portability. High tensile steel bolt and nut assemblies are recessed in the bar allowing lower profile. The enhanced design features benefit the end user, ultimately making the job easier, whether a small application such as sand and gravel pits, or large coal and copper mining operations.

The SVP is most suited for field applications for rubber ply and/or steelcord belting. Available in many sizes the SVP is able to meet a variety of job requirements.

Repair vulcanizers

Continual conveyor belt maintenance and repair ensures long conveyor belt life. Repairing holes, rips and edge wear as soon as they happen prevents costly downtime. Shaw Almex offers several vulcanizers that are designed for effective repairs to all kinds of belting including: spot and puncture repair, belt edge repair and longitudinal rips.

Belt splicing and repair materials and tools

Shaw Almex offers a comprehensive line of belt splicing and repair materials, tools, wear and corrosion protection and pulley lagging products. In addition to our range of vulcanizers, Shaw Almex offers a complete line of special hand tools, power tools and specialized accessories, all designed to make each belt splice or repair as fast, easy, and efficient as possible.

Global network

We now have facilities in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Europe, India and the USA. With a distributor network in 25 additional countries, Almex is poised to assist the global market with their belt splicing needs and applications.



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Shaw Almex Canada Sales and Manufacturing

PO Box 430

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P2A 2X4


+1 705 746 5884 + 1 705 746 9484

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