Proeger Flow Solutions provides specialist flow control products to support surface and underground mining, specialising in high-pressure paste backfill solutions.

Our unique product range is designed for applications in paste backfill, high-pressure slurry transmission and thickened tailings, to optimise performance and enhance safety in the delivery of these processes.

High-performance valve solutions for severe service mining applications

Proeger Flow Solutions’ high-quality, safe and robust valve solutions increase efficiency, minimise downtime and offer a low long-term cost of ownership. In addition, they offer improved safety benefits to both personnel and equipment.

The PROEBATCH tank bottom valve offers flexible seat and sealing designs in a wide range of durable materials.
The compact PROEDIRECT diverter valves are suitable for processing paste backfill and cement slurry in both surface and underground reticulation systems.
The PROEFILL hopper outlet control valves offer a low long cost of ownership and high plant uptime.
The PROESAFE valve can be disassembled for maintenance when necessary.
The SFM 6.1 sensor mounts on the outside of any metal, metal ceramic-lined, steel-reinforced plastic, fibreglass or PVC pipe in sizes ranging from 15NB to 1,200NB.
Our PROESWITCH pump switching valves can be installed into new or retrofit infrastructure.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Paste batching and tailings thickener flow control valves
  • Paste batching plant isolation valves
  • Underground paste dump / diverter valves
  • Bore hole velocity choke valves
  • Surface delivery system / pump switching valves
  • High-pressure paste and slurry single / double block isolation

Diverter valves for flow diversion of paste and tailings

  • Our compact PROEDIRECT diverter valves are suitable for flow diversion of paste backfill, mine tailings and cement slurry in both surface and underground reticulation systems.
  • It can also be used in any high-pressure abrasive slurry system to divert between pipelines without ongoing pipework changes or blockages through other methods.
  • Depending on the installation direction, it can easily shift between a diverter valve and a switching valve.
  • The switching valve orientation is helpful where there are two parallel bore lines that deliver paste independently or the ability to switch between delivery lines is required.
  • Key features include smooth passages for unrestricted flow and reduced frictional losses, separate designs available for operation at zero-line or full pump pressure, double quad rings seat seals and proximity sensors.
  • The diverter valve can be easily be disassembled for maintenance and cleaning activities when necessary.

Emergency dump valves for mine operations

  • The piston design of the PROESAFE emergency dump valve for paste backfill systems delivers a reliable and low maintenance solution, reducing lost revenues caused by bore hole blockage downtime and expensive equipment replacement.
  • The 60° Y pattern outlet design minimises a change of direction and potential wear problems, while Rulon scrapper seals prevent paste from entering behind the piston.
  • An integral in-built transmitter and discrete read switches within the actuator maintain piston position and verification at any time. In addition, on-board flush ports optimise valve efficiency, sealing longevity and remain blockage-free.
  • The PROESAFE valve can also be disassembled for maintenance and cleaning when required.

Tank bottom or underflow outlet valves

Proeger Flow Solutions’ PROEBATCH tank bottom valve allows for flexible seat and sealing designs. It is available in a range of durable materials.

A hard face overlays provide greater wear resistance to the piston or disc. Either can be flat or contoured and sits flush to mimic the internal surfaces of the tank.

Additional features include pneumatic or electrically actuated configurations for safe remote operations, and crust-breaking capabilities to quickly open a flow path in partially impacted systems. On-board flush ports enhance valve efficiency and sealing longevity.

Hopper outlet control valves for batching plants

The PROEFILL hopper outlet control valve provides a measured release of cemented paste or hydraulic fill out of the batching plant hopper or mixer in gravity feed systems so that the initial velocity into the borehole is controlled.

Featuring a patented double arched self-supporting design with a full vacuum rated tube, the hopper outlet control valve is designed for abrasive, scaling, aggressive and plugging slurries / pastes.

Their reduced port tubes are specifically sized according to the maximum flow rate to minimise premature tube wear. The in-built tube wear sensor wire and MONSYS monitor box enable early tube wear monitoring.

The PROEFILL hopper outlet control valves offer a low long cost of ownership and high plant up time in comparison to alternative solutions.

Multiport switching valves for paste delivery systems

Our PROESWITCH pump switching valves are customised to each application’s piping run orientation and construction materials to facilitate installation into new or existing infrastructure.

Flush water injection valves can be added to assist with post-delivery flushing of residual solids.

Featuring a stainless-steel internal trim and Stellite-overlayed wear surfaces, valve bodies are manufactured cost-effectively from carbon or stainless-steel where required. This makes them suitable for both the inlet and discharge side of a pump.

Additional key features include pneumatic actuated variations and electrically actuated configurations for remote operations, double quad rings seat seals to prevent paste from entering cavity dead areas, and highly durable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) cavity filler seals and wipers.

Paste – Tailing control valves for bore hole velocity control and back pressure control for atmospheric discharge.

The PROECONTROL control valve is adaptable for multiple control functions within paste, tailings and other high solids abrasive slurries and media.

These valves are literally built from the ground up as a bulletproof design to resist the worst applications in mining and the significant advantage is our pressure capability to operate in severe service high-pressure applications to 150 Bar.

Whether it be for system start-up with cavitation reducing choked flows to back pressure control against a pump, or simply to handle problematic atmospheric discharge control the PROECONTROL is the world leading solution for these applications.

Ultrasonic slurry flow meters

The non-contacting SFM 6.1 slurry flow meter was initially developed for fly ash slurry applications in coal-fired power stations.

Using a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for measuring slurry flow, the meter incorporates more than 25 years of ultrasonic flow measurement experience from the technology developer.

The SFM 6.1 sensor mounts on the outside of any metal, metal ceramic-lined, steel-reinforced plastic, fibreglass or PVC pipe in sizes ranging from 15NB to 1,200NB.

The slurry flow meter transmits an ultrasonic signal into the pipe and measures acoustic reflections off slurry particles and suspended gas bubbles. Installation is easy. No contact is made with the moving fluid, while no pipe cutting or drilling is required.