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Organiseit specialises in digital office organisation solutions, implementing a single software platform to store company information that would ordinarily be kept across several databases, or as a hard copy in filing cabinets.

A replacement for paper filing systems

As a replacement to traditional paper filing, Organiseit seeks to help with the management of office filing systems.

Paper filing systems can be troublesome. Files can be misplaced, damaged or lost completely; meaning vital company information is missing, potentially causing significant problems to office operations, or even legal complications.

Paper filing takes up a significant amount of storage space, and time spent searching for the correct file is also wasted, reducing the efficiency of a business’s activities.

Safer, easier-to-access file management

With Organiseit’s solution, data is stored in easy-to-navigate digital folders, which reflect each company’s current paper filing system.

All files have full audit trails, and information can be drawn from third-party customer relationship management (CRM) software, meaning full integration with Windows-based programmes. This also results in information being found quickly and efficiently. Files and data can be easily accessed by a user search in the CRM.

If a paper copy is still required, then files can easily be printed, faxed or emailed direct from the database, meaning information can be accessed precisely when required.

In addition, having one central system allows data to be scanned and stored in one office, but accessed in another, meaning companies operating in multiple locations can operate far more efficiently.

The danger of loss of information is also significantly lowered by using a digital database. Data is stored in a structured query language (SQL) file format, while the original Word or Excel document is retained. Images and outlook files are also stored and cannot be altered, and changes to images are saved as a separate version of the original.

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The Office Solution That Gets You Organised and Saves You Money

No more mountains of paperwork, no more searching through filing cabinets and no more continually waiting for documents.

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Organise IT Pty Ltd

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