Conbelts Group

Conbelts Group produces fabric core conveyor belts and a variety of rubber and PVC-based compounds used in the mining sector, as well as construction, metallurgy and agricultural activities.

Specialised fabric conveyer belts for the mining industry

Conbelts specialises in the production of fabric core conveyer belts, created from a base of either polyester-polyamide, polyamide or solid woven fabric.

With a wide range of available products, Conbelts provides conveyer belts with flame-retardant properties, with fire and temperature-resistant belts available, depending on the needs of the client’s industry.

Conbelts is a specialist manufacturer of fabric core conveyer belt systems, primarily used within the mining industry.
As well as conveyer belts, Conbelts produces a wide range of rubber compounds and accessories to suit the needs of the client's systems.
Conbelts provides a 24h repair, installation and maintenance service.

The company is an exclusive manufacturer of belts designed to face the challenges posed by the mining industry, such as SafeCon belts dedicated to safer underground mining, and HDCon belts for enhanced mineral mining.

Bespoke rubber compounds

Conbelts is a manufacturer of rubber compounds for the mining and related industries.

Capable of producing both general use and treated compounds in fire, heat and oil-resistant varieties, the company offers a fully customisable service, tailoring each compound order to the specific needs of the client through Conbelts’ specialist laboratory and research and development centre.

The company’s compounds meet the highest industry standards, and have been evaluated by several independent scientific institutes.

Panels, scrapers and ventilation foil for mining machinery

As well as larger conveyer belts, Conbelts offers a range of smaller accessories such as rubber scrapers, which extend belt service life by ensuring constance maintenance.

Vulcanised panels and plates are also available, for drums and roller pads, antistatic lining, and bulk coverings. Thickness and other dimensions and properties can be customised by the client, or in accordance with WT-61 standards. All rubber products from Conbelts come in standard, fire-resistant and flame-retardant varieties.

The company manufactures fire-resistant ventilation foil, which is used to seal current and closed excavations. The foil is also used with ventilation belts, as it reduces the risk of coal dust and methane explosions.

Service and maintenance of mining conveyer belts

Conbelts offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service, which helps to avoid disruptions to clients’ operating cycle.

The service includes the installation of new conveyor transport devices and relevant accessories such as rubber scrapers and panels, the renovation of worn conveyor equipment, and the cleaning of conveyor belts, carried out at clients’ premises.