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Solids and Liquid Separation Testing and Consulting

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Pocock Industrial is a specialist in the separation of solids and liquid testing. We also provide consulting services in the areas of flocculation selection, gravity clarification, gravity thickening, vacuum filtration, pressure filtration, and viscosity (rheological) testing. 

We have worked across a wide range of industries and have provided services to many of the major mining, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental companies. We also provide consultants to engineering companies, research, legal and academic organisations.

Separation testing for solids and liquids

Pocock specialises in solving solids / liquid separation problems. The scope of our consulting services includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Laboratory testing to provide solids / liquid separation equipment sizing and recommendations
  • Evaluation of solids / liquid separation alternatives and equipment recommendations
  • Development of process flow sheets, material balances, and the evaluation of process alternatives
  • Development of commercial plant design criteria
  • In-plant solids / liquid separation problem solving
  • Pilot plant design and operation to obtain process optimization and scale-up information
  • Process and solids / liquid separation consulting

Solids and liquid separation project management

Pocock works on a flexible basis and will provide services from complete project responsibility to limited solids / liquid separation testing and consulting. We will work within tight budget constraints, under secrecy agreement, and will provide our services on a competitive basis. Upon request, we will provide a proposal for specific services developed in coordination with client needs.

Pocock has been solving solid liquid separation problems for the mining industry for over 30 years.
We specialise in solids / liquid separation testing and consulting services for the mining industry.
We also serve as consultants to engineering companies, research, legal and academic organisations.

We believe the combination of substantial practical experience, engineering capability, and integration of laboratory through operating plant process knowledge, provides a basis for exceptional service.

Separation of mining solids and liquids

Pocock offers the following testing services for solid and liquid chemicals:

  • Sample characterization, including particle size analysis
  • Flocculation screening, selection, and optimization
  • Clarification studies, including conventional and solids contact
  • Thickening studies, including conventional and high rate in CCD or hybrid configuration
  • Filtration studies, including drum, disk, horizontal belt
  • Pressure filtration
  • Viscosity studies, including Newtonian and non-Newtonian
  • Classification studies
  • Carbon adsorption isotherms
  • Development of titration curves for treating process and waste streams
  • Evaluation of precipitation chemical reagents
  • Water treatment studies
  • Precipitate particle size growth to enhance separations
  • Kinetic studies
  • Small-scale pilot studies to optimize processes and provide solids / liquid separation information
  • Field laboratory testing services using portable equipment

About Pocock Industrial

Pocock Industrial has been solving solid liquid separation problems throughout the world for over 30 years. With nearly 150 years of combined experience, our company has in process evaluation, process development, equipment specification, and engineering problem solving expertise.


  • CK Gold Project, Wyoming, USA

    The CK Gold Project will be an open-pit mine with an average annual production capacity of 108,500 ounces of gold over its life.

6188 South 300 West
Salt Lake City
Utah 84107
United States of America

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