JKTech offers innovative solutions for the mining industry by transferring technology and cutting-edge research outcomes from the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at The University of Queensland (UQ).

Since 1986, our capabilities have steadily grown beyond our renowned expertise in ore and waste characterisation, Mine-to-Mill®, comminution and flotation software, consulting and training. Our diverse portfolio enables us to provide technical services across the mining value chain.

State-of-the-art advisory solutions for the mining industry

JKTech is an Independent Partner enabling mine sites to achieve Future Production Targets through advisory services and training.

An Independent Partner enabling mine sites to achieve Future Production Targets through advisory services and training across the Value Chain.
JKTech is proudly owned by The University of Queensland and is the technology transfer company for the Sustainable Minerals Institute.
Leading Edge Comminution and Flotation Testing Capabilities
Offering powerful simulation software applications for optimisation and design.
The JK Drop Weight Tester is a reliable tool for measuring impact breakage parameters for use in modelling and simulation using JKSimMet.

We supply a range of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that aim to increase productivity, long-term operational sustainability and product quality, while reducing operating costs. Our technologies and methodologies are proven and fit-for-purpose.

JKTech’s team of specialists have extensive experience in the industry and are committed to delivering value to our global client base. Our consulting and training expertise cover:

  • Drill and Blast
  • Ore Loss and Dilution Control
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geometallurgy / Block Model Development
  • Mine Planning
  • Comminution
  • Flotation / Metal Extraction
  • Dewatering
  • Processing Statistics
  • Mine-to-Mill® and JK Value Chain Optimisation
  • Project Development and Expansions

JKTech’s team has experience in a range of commodities including copper, gold, lead, zinc, silver, molybdenum, nickel, diamonds, coal and iron ore.

Industry-leading Ore Characterisation and Software Capabilities

Reducing risk in Life-of-Mine Decision Making through the application of Quality Tools and Information.

Laboratory Testing Services

JKTech understands that each commodity has unique differences and our expert team combined with our industry-standard tests enable our laboratory services to specialise in delivering high-quality results at cost-effective prices.

Our comminution testing capabilities are extensive and highly regarded as the industry standard, including the JK Drop Weight Test, SMC Test®, JK Bond Ball Mill Test and the Bond Ball Mill Test. All of all of which produce information essential for the design and optimisation of comminution circuits using our JKSimMet software.

We also offer a comprehensive range of flotation options supported by extensive knowledge by world-class flotation specialists. This includes the JK Floatability Index Test and bench scale flotation testing, which is a leading predictive approach. When used in conjunction with JKSimFloat, it provides an effective tool for minimising the risk of predicting valuable mineral recovery.


JKTech is renowned for supplying high-performance simulation software applications for optimisation and design of mineral processing plants and blasting operations.

As a result of continuous research and development, collaboration with the industry and research advancements from UQ and partners, we have developed a range of software to accommodate industry requirements.

Our range includes JKSimMet, JKSimFloat, JKMulitBal, JKSimBlast and our most recent innovative technology, JK Value Based Ore Control (JKVBOC).

JKVBOC is an engineering tool to simulate and predict blast movement in open pit mining to make proactive decisions. The total simulation time lies between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the blast, thus JKVBOC can be used to evaluate ore loss and dilution in real time, or to perform several pre-blast simulations to evaluate different blast pattern, blast timing and initiation options.

JKTech also provides best-in-class after-sales support to maintain a reputable name in the industry and foster lifelong client relationships.

Ore Characterisation Tests

JKTech tests are proven global industry standards for ore breakage characterisation.  We offer accredited A x b ore characterisation tests required for use with our software applications.  These tests have undergone substantial validation and testing before release to market and are backed by extensive databases and case studies.

The comminution ore characterisation tests include:

  • JK Drop Weight Test
  • SMC Test® – Owned by our partner SMC Testing Pty Ltd
  • The Integrated JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Test®
  • JK Bond Ball Mill Test

Our flotation ore characterisation test is the JKTech Floatability Index (JKFi) Test.

JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Tests® are licenced to 48 metallurgical laboratories globally.  To date, over 55,000 JKTech accredited A x b tests have been completed across more than 32 different commodities.

The Integrated JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Test® enables both JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Test® parameters to be determined using a simplified procedure. The major advantage of the new Integrated Test for clients is being able to obtain both JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Test® parameters using a reduced amount of sample when compared to performing both tests separately.

Ore and Process Characterisation Equipment

JKTech’s specialist testing equipment includes the JK Drop Weight Tester, JK Batch Flotation Cell, AP Bubble Sizer, JK Gas Hold-up Probe and JK Process Samplers.

The JK Drop Weight Tester is the authorised specialist equipment required to conduct the JK Drop Weight Test and SMC Test®.

Quality Assurance

JKTech initiates regular quality assurance and quality control testing of laboratories licensed to perform our leading global tests, including the JK Drop Weight Test, SMC Test® and the JK Bond Ball Mill Test.

This ensures all external and in-house testing is completed to the highest standards and their results are accurate and within acceptable statistical limits.

For more information on JKTech’s range of advisory services, material characterisation, software, equipment and professional development solutions, please contact us.