The Cementation Group has a history of more than 100 years serving the mining industry and has become recognised as the leading mining contracting group worldwide with a presence in Africa, Australia, North and South America. When the mining industry contracts with the Cementation Group, which includes Murray & Roberts Cementation, RUC Cementation Mining Contractors Australia, Cementation Canada and Cementation Sudamerica, it engages with partners that have an incomparable global track record.

Shaft sinking, raise drilling, contract mining, tunnelling and exploration drilling

The Cementation Group, through the four companies, has the infrastructure and resources to mobilise teams from across the continents and can deliver total project solutions across the full value chain of any mine operation. This covers the spectrum from specialist pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, engineering and mine design through to construction management. Its services further cover shaft sinking, raise drilling, contract mining, tunnelling and exploration drilling.

The Cementation Group is committed to world-class fulfilment, safety and a healthy environment. Our leadership and people offer clients unsurpassed industry knowledge, skill and experience in all aspects of mining project delivery, from concept to commissioning.


As the leading mining contracting group in the world, The Cementation Group offers a comprehensive range of capabilities and services covering the full spectrum of the mining value chain.

Murray & Roberts has a proven track record in sinking vertical and inclined shafts.
We employ a large fleet of mechanised mining equipment, dedicated and trained people and can undertake any mining contract.
Murray & Roberts can deliver total project solutions across the full value chain of any mine operation.
Murray & Roberts operates a large fleet of machines, from small raisedrilling rigs to some of the largest machines ever manufactured for this purpose.
Murray & Roberts pioneered the pneumatic shaft drill rig, now commonly used in conventional shaft sinking.

Mine development: shaft sinking, mine haulage, excavation and shaft refurbishment

The Cementation Group offers a complete range of mine development services, including:

  • Vertical and decline shaft sinking and equipping
  • Mine haulage development and tunnelling
  • Underground chamber excavation and support and equipment installation
  • Shaft refurbishment

Contract or toll mining

The Cementation Group introduced the concept of contract mining and is the recognised leader in this field, offering the following services:

  • Mine design and planning, specialist pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mining equipment and fleet maintenance studies
  • Underground infrastructure design and installation
  • Mechanised and semi-mechanised development and stopping

Mine services

The Cementation Group is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of mining services to support its mine development and contract mining services. Our services used extensively throughout the industry include:

  • Deep hole surface exploration drilling using the most modern equipment
  • Underground exploration drilling
  • Medium and large-diameter raise drilling, shaft boring and drain hole drilling
  • Directional drilling
  • Drop raising
  • High-pressure underground water management, control and sealing (cementation, water doors, cover drilling and grounding)
  • Underground dam and high-pressure bulkhead construction
  • Grout-plant design, construction and operation and grout-pack installation

Mine engineering

The Cementation Group has identified a need within the mining industry – a requirement of a design build service for independent design build services for shaft sinking and related mining. This specialist service was a natural expansion of the in-house design services provided to support operational divisions. The service integrates the practical knowledge of the operations with the design ability of the Mine Engineering department and the data banks of the estimating and scheduling department.

The result is a service that provides clients with a practical design function which has close links with the operational services provided by The Cementation Group in shaft sinking, raise drilling, contract mining, and other mining services. The Cementation Group provides a platform for sharing of the world’s best practise in the field of shaft sinking and design for the benefit of its clients.

Value offerings from mine engineering:

  • Conceptual studies relating to shaft design, shaft sinking , infrastructural services and backfill
  • Specialist pre feasibility studies for the above fields
  • Mine design for sinking, horizontal development, stopping, surface infrastructure and backfilling
  • Shaft and shaft furnishings including hoisting conveyances, loading arrangements and materials handling facilities
  • Draughting (mechanical, structural, piping, electrical, civil)
  • Project estimating and scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Document control
  • Operational risk assessment