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Forklifts, Specialised Warehousing Equipment and Material Handling Fleet Management

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Linde is an Australian material handling company providing equipment and services to the mining industry. Originally known as a provider of premium-quality forklifts and warehouse equipment, Linde material handling equipment today offers much more.

The quality Linde range, which extends from hand pallet jacks through to 52t container forklifts and specialised warehousing equipment, now shares focus with the company’s other segments, including parts and service, short-term rentals, and Linde-certified pre-owned fleet management systems.

With support from its German parent, Linde has significantly boosted its parts stockholdings and streamlined its delivery systems. There are also more factory-trained Linde field service technicians on the road than ever before.

Forklifts for mining material handling

Linde provides a complete range of forklifts and can provide a solution for every material handling application.

Linde is a material handling company providing equipment and services to the mining industry.
With support from our German parent, we have significantly boosted our parts stockholdings and streamlined our delivery systems.
FleetFOCUS provides a fleet management system that allows better monitoring of site activities and the necessary information to drive positive change in any fleet.
Our mobile service fleet has over 120 factory trained and graded technicians and is managed by a fully computerised control centre.

Unique to Linde’s forklift range is the revolutionary hydrostatic transmission. The forklift offers smooth driving without stalling, millimetre accuracy of positioning, minimum wear and correspondingly long life. It also eliminates the need for a large number of components.

Short and long-term rental of mining equipment

For customers whose business conditions dictate short-term rental as the appropriate solution, Linde maintains a fleet which numbers into the thousands and offers the flexibility of rentals as short as one day or as long as five years.

The increased numbers of Linde equipment in use around Australia have also provided a rich source of quality trade-ins to be completely refurbished for the popular Linde-certified pre-owned programme. This takes the risk out of purchasing used equipment.

Material handling fleet management

FleetFOCUS provides a management system that allows better monitoring of site activities and the necessary information to drive positive change in any fleet.

The system offers driver control, allowing access to the vehicle with a pin code or swipe card access. Clients can control who uses each individual unit in their fleet by limiting access to vehicles to those people with correct identification.

Electronic pre-operational checklists are displayed on the monitor and a summary is also emailed to the operations manager and Linde. If the checks are not completed in full, the vehicle will not allow the driver to continue, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency at all times.

The FleetFOCUS system also provides statistical vehicle impact information to the management team, to help ensure the reduction of on-site infrastructure and vehicle damage, vehicle integration with Linde CanBus and completely wireless two-way communications to and from the vehicle.

Forklift field service

Our mobile service fleet, which has over 120 factory -trained and graded technicians, is managed by a fully computerised control centre where each inbound call is logged and allocated. All vans have GPS tracking to ensure rapid response from the nearest technician to your site.

Each job is monitored by our service control team until it is satisfactorily completed. Our average response time from receiving a call to the forklift service technician arriving on-site is less than two hours for metropolitan areas.

As fleet management specialists, we can provide specific, tailor-made reports to our customers which details all facets of fleet performance, up-time, contract repair and non-contact or damage costs. These reports assist our customers in the day-to-day management of their forklift fleet.

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