Airtight Solutions Extraction and Filtration Systems, Components and Accessories for Industrial Applications

Airtight Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies systems and equipment for dust extraction and collection, and for industrial ventilation.

Airtight Solutions aims to supply custom design solutions utilising off-the-shelf products.

Product range

Airtight’s product range includes;

  • Baghouse filter dust collectors; reverse air and reverse pulse
  • Cartridge type reverse pulse dust collectors
  • Modular ductwork
  • Heavy duty and special material ductwork
  • Flexible ducting
  • Industrial fans and blowers
  • Wet scrubbers and cyclones
  • Rotary valves and knife gates
  • Fume extraction arms and extraction hoods
  • Silencers and acoustic enclosures
  • Paint booths and abrasive blasting rooms
  • Carbon filters

Airtight holds considerable stock of modular ductwork, flexible ducting, baghouse filters, fans and rotary valves. Stock is available in Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch.

As well as our own product, other brands we represent include Nederman, Norres, Vortex, Votec, Taylor’s and Taymac.

Baghouse filters

Airtight’s best seller has been the reverse air modular baghouse filter of which we always have stock. We also carry limited stock of the FMC cartridge filters and "silo safe" bin filters. Other baghouse filter designs, such as the tubular bag pulsejet filter, are made to order.


Airtight carries extensive stock of the "Quik Fit" modular ductwork system that is suitable for most ventilation requirements and for light weight dust extraction applications.

Heavy duty or special purpose ductwork (for example, stainless steel) is manufactured to order.

Flexible ducting

Flexible ducting is available in a variety of materials including polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber and steel. The ever popular polyurethane is stocked in three weights; light, medium and heavy. Weight grade can be chosen to suit the application. Limited stock of steel flex is available for particularly abrasive applications.


A small range of industrial fans is held in stock. Most are manufactured to order. We offer centrifugal fans in the size range 0kW-500kW. We also offer a range of axial flow and roof mount ventilation fans.

Site work and service

Airtight have trained staff available to do installations and to carry out service work. We service our own equipment and others. We also provide a system measurement, trouble shooting and bench-marking service.

Typical projects

  • Vehicle maintenance workshops – general ventilation, vehicle exhaust extraction, spot blasting equipment with dust extraction
  • Storage silos and conveying systems – bin vent filters, dust extraction and collection from conveyor transfer points
  • MCC and machinery rooms – cooling air supply and room ventilation, noise control
  • Blasting rooms – dust extraction and collection, filtered air supply systems, grit return and cleaning, complete booth supply
  • General maintenance workshops – general ventilation, welding fume extraction arms and fans, welding fume filters, spot blasting equipment with dust extraction

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Press Release

Why Cartridge Filters are not suitable for Wood Dust

Increasingly Airtight is being asked for assistance from owners of cartridge filters who want the cartridge filter to work better on wood dust.

White Papers

Airtight Solutions Standard and Specialised Flexible Hoses

Airtight Solutions has released its latest brochure listing the company's range of flexible hoses, which includes an application chart to help you select the correct product.

Airtight Solutions

PO Box 1250

Baulkham Hills

New South Wales 1755


+61 2 9986 3184 1800 424 784 +61 2 9986 1784

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10 February 2018

Airtight Solutions has recently partnered with a service provider to facilitate cash rebates to its clients for the purchase of Airtight’s energy-efficient dust control systems.

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23 January 2018

Pulsejet filters are often used in wood dust extraction systems and can be very effective. However not all pulsejet filters are created equal so if you are going the pulsejet filter route there are features, you should look for and features you should avoid.

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9 January 2018

Increasingly Airtight is being asked for assistance from owners of cartridge filters who want the cartridge filter to work better on wood dust.

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10 October 2014

Airtight Solutions is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems and filtration solutions across industries. The company's dominant market position in the wood industry was evident at the recent AWISA 2014.

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Regional Offices

Airtight Solutions

PO Box 1250

Baulkham Hills

New South Wales 1755


+61 2 9986 3184 1800 424 784 +61 2 9986 1784

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