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Multi-Stage, Vertical and Submersible Pumps

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There are many pump companies, but very few understand the mining industry and the many challenges that a mine has to face when it comes to pumping applications. Delivery delays are also one of the most important factors a mine will take into consideration.

At Technosub, we have made our name by providing reliable engineering dewatering solutions and turnkey projects to mines. We also provide the fastest repair and equipment delivery in the Canadian mining industry. Over the last 30 years, more than 60% of all mining companies in Canada have put their trust in Technosub because they know they can rely on our expertise to cope with the challenges that arise from dewatering.

Technosub offers a complete variety of pumps specifically made for the mining industry.

Multi-stage pumps for the mining industry

Technosub’s Technojet pumps, MH series, work up to 64bar pressure. They are designed with multi-stages to match flow and pressure requirements, especially high-pressure ranges. The maximum flow obtained with the Technojet series is 0.450m³/hr and maximum head pressure can reach 650m. These pumps are manufactured in our factory according to each customer’s specifications.

Technojet pumps are made of cast iron for suction, discharge and stages casings. Impellers and diffusers are made of duplex stainless steel designed to handle corrosive liquids.

Submersible multi-stage pumps

Technosub can offer a wide range of submersible multi-stage pumps. These pumps come with high tech ‘Subteck’ motors and cover deep wells with diameters of 4in, 6in, 8in and 10in with power ranging from 0.37kW up to 185kW.

Tsurumi submersible pumps

Technosub is also Tsurumi Canada. Technosub is the sole authorized Tsurumi pump distributor in Canada. Tsurumi carries one of the world’s most best-known lines of submersible pumps. The selection and variety offered surpass that of all competition.

Durable and efficient, single-phase or three-phase industrial, these pumps are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions in the mining industry, including pumping corrosive liquid or slurry in high-volume and/or high-head dewatering applications.

Vertical turbine pumps

Noted for its dependability and high yield, the Technojet VT-SS series is manufactured by Technosub, offering its users exceptional advantages when dealing with corrosive water. Pump frames are made entirely of duplex stainless steel. Maintenance is simple and this pump series is well known for its durability and longevity. Maximum flow obtained with the Technojet VT-SS series is 0.450m³/hr and maximum head pressure can reach 400m.

Custom pump manufacture

Technosub has the knowledge to fabricate custom pumps suited to our customers’ needs. We also manufacture a wide variety of spare parts for all makes of pumps. The company’s large installation also allows us to repair, adjust and test any pump in the shortest time in the industry.

Technosub owns a test bench that is unique in Canada. It is equipped with a 24,000gal basin and a 1MW generator. We can test pumps up to 800hp and 4,160V. All of the pumps that leave our facility are tested in order to make sure that their performance meets the customer’s requirements. All pumps are delivered with the test results, indicating the performance curves.

Mine dewatering engineering services

Technosub has an interesting portfolio of solutions and realisations in mine dewatering. We have been working with the EPCM formula for many major projects in Canada. Every mine comes with its own challenges. All of our products and solutions are developed and tailored to adapt to our customers’ limitations, be they environmental, operational, technical or financial.


Managing underground sludge the easy way.

Pumping and Dewatering Solutions

At Technosub, performance and continuous improvement is our commitment. We drive for results and excellence with energy and a sense of urgency and are passionate about achieving results that surpass expectations.

Technojet MH Series

Technojet multistage pumps are the best pumping solution on the market, able to overcome the difficult conditions encountered in mines. High pressure applications, immediate delivery and customised designs make this pump the ultimate standard for the Mining Industry.

Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine

The Gahcho Kué diamond mine is located approximately 280km north-east of Yellowknife in the Mackenzie District of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Technosub Industry Events 2019

Technosub will be attending a series of industry events this year to showcase its portfolio of pumping solutions.

Technosub Industrial Pumps Opens a New Branch in Saskatoon, Canada

Continuing the company's expansion throughout western Canada, Technosub is proud to announce the opening on December 1 2013 of a new stocking warehouse and office facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This strategic location will give the mines in this province a local resource for better service and delivery.

Technosub Will Exhibit at the CIM Memo 2013 in Kamloop, BC

The Maintenance Engineering / Mines Operators' Conference (MEMO) 2013, to be held from September 29 to October 1, 2013, at Kamloops Convention Centre in Kamloops, British Colombia, will be hosted by CIM's South Central British Columbia Branch, in conjunction with the Maintenance and Engineering Society and the Surface and Underground Societies.

Technosub to Attend 23rd World Mining Congress

Technosub, a company providing reliable engineering dewatering solutions and turnkey projects to mines, is attending the 23rd World Mining Congress in Montreal, Canada, from August 11-15 2013.

Technosub Releases Technojet MH Series Brochure

Technosub, a manufacturer of multi-stage, vertical, and submersible pumps, has released a free-to-download brochure on Mining Technology. In this brochure, you can find information on the high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps that make up the Technojet MH series.

Technosub Releases Free White Paper

Technosub, a manufacturer of multi-stage, vertical, and submersible pumps, has released a free white paper on Mining Technology.

Technosub to exhibit at CIM show

Technosub will be exhibiting at the CIM show in Edmonton, Canada, from 6-9 May. In its native Canada, Technosub has become a benchmark in pumping solutions for the mining industry.

Technosub introduces its new website

Technosub is proud to presents its new web site, a modern concept that allows faster access to its products, services and recent accomplishments.

Technosub Industrial Pumps Opens New Branch in British Columbia, Canada

Continuing the company's expansion throughout western Canada, Technosub is proud to announce that it has opened a new stocking warehouse and office facility in Surrey, British Columbia. This strategic location will give the mines in British Columbia a local resource for better service and deliver

Technosub to Attend the CIM Show in Montreal, Canada

In Canada, Technosub has become a benchmark in pumping solutions for the mining industry. We develop and supply high-quality, timely pumping solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Technosub specialises in vertical-turbine pumps, multistage high pressure pumps, subme

New Partnership Between Technosub and Joseph Emmerich Pumpenfabrik

Technosub is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Joseph Emmerich Pumpenfabrik, manufacturer of large size of piston-diaphragm pumps. We have been designated as representatives for the Canadian mining market. Joseph Emmerich Pumpenfabrik is one of the leading specialis

Technosub Introduces New Technojet ‘Monster Pump’

Technosub has just finished the production of its latest high-pressure pump in the Technojet series. This multistage pump was designed to respond to the urgent needs of an underground mine in Northen Quebec, Canada. It also completes the selection of models available in the Technojet series.


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