Quality Handling Systems (QHS) designs and manufactures sampling systems and equipment for bulk materials and slurries across Australia.

Our services include sampling systems, equipment and upgrades; maintenance services; specialised equipment; and engineering and consulting services for sampling projects.

QHS’ clients include major mining companies in Australia, as well as import and export terminals, power stations and processing plants. We have also supplied sampling equipment and services to countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

Quality Handling Systems (QHS) develops sampling equipment for bulk materials in the mining sector.
The image shows a completed QHS coal terminal sampling system.
A previous installation included a two-stage iron ore export sampling system in Australia.
We offer a variety of ores and by-product sampling systems.
QHS has a wide range of sampling, sample transportation and inspection equipment for grains.
We offer QHS slurry-sampling systems for new or retrofit processing plants.

Sampling equipment for the mining sector

QHS offers a wide range of sampling equipment designed to suit a variety of environments and materials, including:

  • Falling stream and cross belt samplers
  • Sample crushers, belt feeders, conveyors, bucket elevators and screw feeders
  • Slurry sampling equipment
  • Laboratory preparation equipment
  • Electrical control systems

Coal and coke sampling systems

As a leading Australian coal sampling equipment supplier, QHS has provided almost all of the new coal terminal sampling systems and system upgrades in the country since 1993. This includes 20 sampling systems at Mackay (DBCT and Hay Point terminals) and Newcastle (PWCS Carrington and Kooragang, and NCIG terminals).

We have supplied hundreds of samplers and sampling systems to coal mines, coal handling and preparation plants, and power stations. Previous installations range from small, single-stage samplers to large three-stage sampling systems, most of which have been retrofitted into existing plants.

Iron ore sampling systems

QHS designs and supplies iron ore sampling systems for mines, ports and steelworks in Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. These range from single-stage samplers at crushing plants to multi-stage sampling systems at import and export terminals.

Concentrates sampling systems

Generic equipment is usually not suitable for sampling lead, zinc and copper concentrates, as they can be very sticky and easily lose moisture.

QHS’ sampling equipment for concentrates has been designed to suit the tacky nature of these materials and minimise moisture losses, and also features special chute designs with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) liners and airlocks.

We have supplied sampling systems for concentrates at mines, import and export terminals, and refineries in Australia and overseas.

Aggregates sampling systems

QHS has supplied many samplers for aggregates used in roadworks and concrete projects, including Vision Sizing Systems from Scientific Industrial Automation.

These sizing systems provide real-time sizing data for the aggregate being sampled.

Ores and by-product sampling systems

QHS designs and provides samplers and sampling systems for most types of ores, as well as many different by-products and process reject streams.

A number of these include run-of-mine samplers and samplers throughout beneficiation stages to monitor the process.

Sampling systems for grains, fertilisers and slurries

QHS has a wide range of sampling, sample transportation and inspection equipment for grains such as primary samplers, dead boxes, sample dividers, inspection tables, storage carousels and reject systems.

Our fertiliser samplers range from small production samplers to full sampling systems at export terminals.

We have designed and supplied slurry sampling systems for coal and mineral processing plants in Australia and Asia, as well as provide slurry sampling solutions for new or existing processing plants, pressure or gravity flow conditions, and all types of slurries.

QHS is experienced in sampling other bulk materials such as cement and lime, limestone and clinker, mineral sands, and woodchips.

About Quality Handling Systems

QHS was established in 1993 and quickly developed into one of the largest sampling systems suppliers in Australia.

Our sampling systems are used to collect representative samples from bulk materials and slurries. Materials sampled include coal, mineral ores, processed minerals, aggregates, concentrates, fertiliser, mineral sands, process by-products, limestone, cement, grains, woodchips, and various slurries.

From our headquarters in Sydney, we have provided systems and equipment throughout Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.