renishaw oceania

Renishaw Oceania offers high-speed laser measurement and surveying systems to clients in the mining and marine industries, as well as for any mapping application.

The technology is designed to perform in adverse environments where speed, accuracy, and safety are essential.

Laser mapping, measurement and scanning solutions for mine sites

Renishaw developed its industry-proven laser systems through many years of experience working directly with clients and understanding their needs.

The company’s solutions are reliable and simple-to-use, resulting in them being used widely across the commercial sector.

The quick-to-deploy Boretrak is designed for use by a single operator.
Shaft dataset information can be obtained by the C-ALS system.
The mobile mapping system Dynascan can be vehicle-mounted for field work.
Quarries worldwide rely on Quarryman Pro to help plan effective blasting operations.
Quarryman Pro helps calculate stockpile surveys, as well as plan deliveries and collections.
Renishaw’s rugged designs ensure that all systems will last and also keep the user safe.
A robust design, portability and a range of deployment methods ensure the Void scanner can operate where other systems cannot.

Mining and quarrying survey systems

Renishaw’s cutting-edge technologies are specifically designed for the mining and quarrying industries, such as laser scanning devices.

The company’s laser scanning devices improve operations’ productivity and safety, as operators can carry out surveying work at otherwise inaccessible areas to plan projects safely.

Renishaw’s proven surveying systems include C-ALS®, Quarryman®, Boretrak® Void Scanner, and Dynascan.

Whether used solely or combined in one integrated solution, these provide:

  • Precise mine mapping by rugged scanning devices
  • Profitable planning for void and stope mapping, blast optimisation, and stockpile measurement
  • Accurate data gained quickly via measurement and scanning software
  • Reliable, world-class mining measurement and scanning systems
  • Worldwide customer support

3D mapping of large areas on land and water

Renishaw supplies Dynascan technology to provide high-performance 3D mapping in challenging environments.

Dynascan can be mobilised in less than one hour and undertake surveys in a fraction of the time it would take conventional techniques.

As it is highly water and dust-resistant, Dynascan can be deployed across mines and quarries, even in areas generally classed as hazardous or difficult to work on to gain valuable site information.

Laser modules for system integration

Renishaw’s laser modules are adaptable and fast-working with high-accuracy results. They are ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and widely used for traffic, security and military applications.

If your operation requires a specific solution, the Renishaw team will work with the system integrators to custom-designed a mapping system that meets your needs.

Laser measurement servicing for accuracy

Renishaw offers clients a range of servicing options designed to support business planning through extending equipment service-life.

The support team consists of staff with firsthand production engineering experience and all customers are assigned a dedicated service contact.

Renishaw’s portfolio of technical services includes:

  • Fixed-price fleet management services
  • Annual calibration checks
  • Spare parts held in stock for quick turnaround times
  • Worldwide service centres
  • Equipment available for loan and rental to minimise downtime

Customers are encouraged to make the maximum use of the annual calibration and maintenance servicing option (biennial for Fanbeam), as in the heavy industries, wear to mechanical components and drift in electrical components can occur, even when there is no visible damage. These issues impact on the accuracy of any laser measurement system.

Maintenance management and service scheduling reduces the likelihood of unplanned downtime, or the costs of hiring interim equipment.

About Renishaw

Renishaw Oceania is a subsidiary of Renishaw plc a UK FTSE-250 company, with the scale, resources and engineering expertise to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Many of the company’s mapping systems have become worldwide industry leaders due to their new capabilities for providing clients with a real competitive advantage.

Global servicing, technical support, and training centres ensures that Renishaw customers benefit from local, expert help with operating and maintaining their equipment.

The company is committed to investing in product development and innovation to support customers, helping them achieve their business goals more quickly, easily and profitably.