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Seton manufactures and distributes health and safety products to customers worldwide.

The company continually keeps abreast of the latest safety legislation standards so that customers can stay compliant.

Personal protective equipment

Seton offers personal protective equipment for workers’ safety in the mining and metals, oil and gas, and other industrial industries.

Personal protective equipment includes clothing, hard hats, respirators and fall protection.
Protective equipment accessories includes earplugs and muffs, glasses, boots and shoes.
Workplace safety equipment includes OSHA signs and custom signs.
Signage includes safety tags and labels.
Workzone safety tools such as barricades and cones.
Workzone tools include signage and high-visibility vests.
Lockout and electrical equipment, such as tags and labels.
Lock boxes, padlocks and hasps are part of the lockout and electrical product range.
Pipe and valve marking equipment includes pipe markers, valve tags and snap arounds.

Seton’s protective gear includes:

  • Hands: temperature-resistant, tear-resistant and long-wearing gloves for electrical, chemical and hazardous conditions
  • Clothing: single items available in high-visibility, chemical-resistance, thermal wear, durable coveralls and more options
  • Respiratory: reliable breathing apparatus including masks, filters and cartridges
  • Eyes: glasses, goggles and visors for clear vision and comfort
  • Hearing: ear plugs, ear muffs and disposable ear plug dispensers for continual supply
  • Feet: shoes, boots, shoe covers and accessory items for tough protection
  • Falls: lifelines, harnesses and lanyards with oil or water-resistant and shock-absorbing options
  • Head: helmets, caps, visors and face shields and a selection of replaceable parts

Customisable safety signage

Clearly readable safety signage helps to minimise or prevent accidents, and reduces the downtime they cause.

Seton offers a range of signs to both inform workers and comply with safety regulations. In addition to mandatory signage, clothing stickers and building wayfinding, Seton supplies specialised signs such as hazard warnings, information notices and tactile or braille signs.

Work site and facilities safety products

Seton offers a range of products to protect against slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Cleaning and hygiene routines can leave areas slippery but effective mops, buckets and safety cones reduce this risk. Seton’s safety items for premises include cleaning products and signs, guard rails and protectors, bins and maintenance tools.

Lockout tagout and identity tags

Gate valve, ball valve and cable lockout tools and lockout cabinets are essential safety items to protect workers, particularly on industrial sites. They are available individually or as whole kits.

Seton has a selection of pipe markers, marking tapes, safety tags and scafftags to ensure that workers can quickly and easily identify cables and pipes, and to display current safety and maintenance information.

Spill control and management supplies

Spill response kits are available in a variety of sizes and specialities, for fast and efficient containment of potentially hazardous spills. Wheeled kit boxes, drums and carryable packs come with a supply of gloves, booms and sorbents for maintenance, oil, or chemical spill containment.

Asset tags, labels and barcodes, and label printers

Asset tags and labels are a convenient way of identifying an asset; its value, correct location and who is responsible for it can be added on a surface label or into a barcode. The tags can be purchased as packs, and label printers are also available so that users can produce more, as and where required.

The durable, long-wearing and readable tags and labels protect equipment from loss and deter thieves.

About Seton

With businesses in 18 countries and more than 250,000 products, Seton’s products are designed to increase workplace safety and enhance facility marking applications for millions of customers around the world.

Founded in 1956, the Seton Nameplate Corporation was established by Fenmore R. Seton in the US, and now forms part of the Brady Corporation. It is the source for safety, labelling and signage solutions.

The quality of Seton’s products and services determines how the company is viewed. The company anticipates its customers’ needs and quickly develops innovative products and services to satisfy those requirements and meet their expectations.