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Repair of Structural Components, Castings, Shafts and Gears for Mines

182 W. Oklahoma Ave. Building #23,
Milwaukee, WI 53207,
United States of America
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Metal Surgery Milwaukee specializes in rebuilding structural components, castings, shafts, gears and assemblies. We are dedicated to using the finest equipment available, and employ individuals trained to use our technologies.

It is our goal to put your equipment into better than new condition, in the shortest possible time at the least possible cost. Metal Surgery offers a complete one-stop repair shop and operates a 24-hour emergency service.

One-stop metal repair shop

As a one-stop repair shop we offer several services, including machining, field machining, metal stitching, brush plating, welding, cast iron welding, hard surfacing, metalizing, grinding, wear plates, stress relieving and fabrication.

All of our repairs are done on-site or in-house. We warranty all of our repairs for one year from the date the part is put back into service.

Metal Surgery excavated, welded, stress relieved and finish machined this 16 cylinder engine.
Metal Surgery has repaired all castings from a couple pounds up to 120,000lb. Our lifting capabilities are 160,000lb and we specialize in cast iron.
Metal Surgery specializes in gear repair, with many repaired gears in operation throughout the US and Canada. We are the only known company to warranty these repairs.
Metal Surgery repaired this pinion to new condition. Full case history is available on our website.
This shaft was severely damaged during production when brute force caused the keyways to crack and the gear to make its way around the shaft.

Conventional / close tolerance and field machining expertise

Metal Surgery offers conventional and close tolerance machining and field machining. We have a completely equipped shop with large overhead cranes that can handle up to 80ton.

We offer portable equipment to machine shafts without rotation, perform flange facing work, boring, milling, keyway and pipe cutting, grinding and honing.

Metal stitching for broken / cracked components

We provide metal stitching for broken / cracked components made from cast iron and dissimilar metals, restoring them to new condition. For cracked and broken components, metal stitching will restore all castings and components to equal or greater strength than their original shock-load capacities. Stitching distributes torsion load away from fatigue points with no internal stressing.

Brush plating for the mining industry

Our brush plating ensures accuracy of precision metal disposition, building up and returning parts to exact specifications. Accuracy build-up eliminates machining and permits resizing, restoring worn, damaged or mis-machined parts. Brush plating is a completely portable process to get you back up and running at full production fast.

Welding and cast iron welding for mining alloys

Metal Surgery offers welding and cast iron welding for all types and alloys, which renews broken machinery and components to full strength and section thickness.

The process can permanently restore parts and equipment for both repair and fabrication, and meets AMSE, AWS, ABS, MIL/STD, API, NAVSHIP, PFI, AWWA, AISI, and ASSHTO specifications. Processes include SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, GTAW, PAW, MIG and TIG.

Hard surfacing for wear resistance on mining applications

Our hard surfacing consists of a pre-selected welding process to make a part more wear resistant. The welding process and materials selected will vary depending on mating parts and the application.

Utilising different materials lets us determine how hard a finish is. In most instances a hard-surfaced part can out last an original part by three times or more.

Wear plates for abrasion

We offer many different types of wear plates which are available on request. Wear plates can be applied anywhere abrasion, wear and extreme impact are a problem. They can be rolled into tubing, formed, shaped and installed fairly easily.

Our wear plates can be applied to almost any application in which wear is a problem. Installation services are also provided by Metal Surgery.

Metalizing for mining components

Metalizing is used for the repair of worn areas or to extend, restore or upgrade the life of a component.

The process consists of spraying particles of molten metal or alloy onto a roughened surface. The spraying takes place from a gun that melts the wire or powder fed into it, and then the molten metal is atomized with compressed air or inert gas and sprayed at a high velocity onto the surface to be coated.

Press Releases

  • Metal Surgery Announces Case Study on Successful Emergency Gear Repair

    Gear failed during production. (No spare, emergency repair). We started by the disassemble pinion assembly, repair teeth by welding, machine and hand finish teeth; and reassemble. After all the cracks were removed, there were not many teeth left. The base material was analyzed and a we

182 W. Oklahoma Ave. Building #23
Milwaukee, WI 53207
United States of America

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