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Lung Disease Detection Solutions

Lungscreen Australia is an industry-leading team of healthcare professionals who believe that early detection of lung diseases saves lives.

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Lungscreen is Australia’s foremost lung screening organisation. We help save lives by detecting lung disease early. Our highly specialised team work to ensure Australians have equitable access to an affordable, safe, reliable and scientifically based lung screening program.

Established in 2017, we are a privately owned healthcare company that focuses specifically on providing end-to-end lung screening solutions from:

  • Identifying and recruitment of populations at risk of lung disease
  • Specialised medical imaging reporting
  • Ensuring candidate follow-up compliance
  • Lung screening quality assurance and compliance
  • Statistical analysis of lung screen results

Lungscreen is not a radiology provider, we have a singular focus of being experts in lung disease and diagnosis. Lungscreen does have a background in in radiology which allows insights how best to utilise radiology in a wholistic approach to lung screening.

High Resolution CT (HRCT) is an accurate test to further assess findings on an ILO chest X-ray.
Workers who smoke further compound their risk of lung disease. Talk to Lungscreen about additional screening options to monitor your workers lung health.
You expect the best from your workers. The workers expect the best from employers. Insist on Lungscreen as your ILO report service provider.
Reduce your risk, use Lungscreen to stay ahead of the latest legislation always ensuring company compliance.
Lungscreen Radiologist are all qualified NIOSH B-readers. The gold standard in lung health surveillance.
Chest x-rays are still the gold standard in lung health surveillance for workers in high-risk occupations.

Advanced lung screening service for high-risk occupations

International Labour Organisation (ILO) Guidelines were developed in the 1970s as part of occupational lung health surveillance for occupations that are exposed to dangerous dust such as coal or silica dust.  Lungscreen Australia implements ILO guidelines without compromise ensuring worker safety and company compliance with legislation.

In March 2019, Lungscreen Australia was awarded the Queensland Government contract to provide ILO reporting for all Queensland Coal Workers chest X-rays. The Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) acknowledged Lungscreen’s ability to facilitate the (NIOSH) developed B reader program as it was intended and as such has independently validated Lungscreen Australia ILO reporting service.

As the only independently validate ILO reporting service in Australia choosing Lungscreen Australia ensures that your company is compliant with legislation where ILO Guidelines are required and that your workers receive the best ILO reporting service in the industry.

Advanced lung cancer screening service for high-risk individuals

Lungscreen Australia also provide an end-to-end lung cancer screening service. Lung Cancer is a wide-spread, growing problem in Australia. In 2017, over 12,000 new cases of lung cancer are estimated to be diagnosed.

While most lung diseases are curable when detected early, unfortunately, the disease often presents with little or no symptoms until it has progressed into the incurable and advanced disease stage. This is because traditionally detection of lung cancer occurs when a patient presents to their General Practitioner (GP) with an ongoing cough or shortness of breath.

There are many factors that place individuals at higher risk of developing lung cancer such as age, ethnicity and smoking. Occupational exposure to dust can also increase and individual’s chances of developing lung cancer. If your company is interested in providing workers with access to a lung cancer screening service, Lungscreen Australia can help.

About Lungscreen Australia

Lungscreen Australia was founded by Dr Siavash Es’haghi, Ms Helen Stevens and Dr Nigel Sommerfeld and in 2017, recognising the impact of lung disease and how early detection can improve clinical outcomes for quality of life.

Currently, our work is focused on detection of occupational lung disease, lung cancer screening and lung nodule management.

Early detection is the key to saving lives. Occupational lung disease in particular is often left unidentified at early stages. With the latest advancements in lung imaging technology, our team of specialists is able to improve early detection and improve health outcomes.

Lungscreen brings together medical experts across disciplines, with a focus on diagnosis through medical imaging procedures. Our team of highly specialised radiologists, physicians and oncologists work collaboratively as a multidisciplinary team guided by globally recognised standards.

Our knowledge and experience in radiology has enabled us to engage and partner with high-quality radiologists and radiology providers that adopt the latest imaging techniques used for lung screening as they play an integral part in an effective lung screening service.

While the patient is at the centre of all our work, we look beyond individual outcomes to identify trends and critical data that will help to shape Australia’s collective approach to lung health.

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  • Lungscreen Australia Overview Video

    Protecting your health at work is essential; Lungscreen Australia is an industry-leading team of healthcare professionals who believe that early detection of lung diseases saves lives.

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Products & services

  • Occupational Lung Disease Screening

    At Lungscreen, we are dedicated to safeguarding the health of Australian industrial workers, offering comprehensive lung screening and registry services tailored specifically for those employed in the coal and mineral mine and quarry industries.

  • Lung Nodule Management

    Due to the regularity of occupational health screenings, certain workers may encounter incidental findings that necessitate ongoing monitoring. One such discovery includes incidental lung nodules, with approximately 10-30% of all chest CT scans revealing these nodules, prompting the need for proactive management to mitigate potential health risks.

  • Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening

    Lung cancer remains a pressing concern in Australia, with a staggering number of new cases diagnosed annually. The insidious nature of this disease often leads to its detection at advanced stages, emphasizing the critical need for early screening and detection.

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