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Off-Road Mobility Training 4x4, ATV, Large Truck Training

Overland Experts (OEX) specialises in off road and 4x4 driver training for expeditions. Based in Connecticut, the US, the company provides training services worldwide.

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Overland Experts

Overland Experts (OEX) specialises in off-road and 4×4 driver training for expeditions. Based in Connecticut, the US, the company provides training services worldwide.

Founded in 1999 by 4×4 expert Bruce Elfström, OEX provides training for professional and military expeditions where extreme conditions are likely to be encountered. We offer 4×4 driver training, fleet management and ATV training. All our courses are taught by experts with considerable experience driving in remote, difficult conditions.

4×4 off-road driver training for mining exploration

At the heart of OEX’s services is our range of 4×4 training services. Courses provide an in-depth examination of 4×4 driving techniques, to develop a deep awareness of a vehicle’s limits, capabilities and behaviour. This enables you to drive confidently and safely, and cross almost any terrain.

Overland Experts (OEX) provides detailed off-road and 4x4, fleet management and ATV training.
We help course attendees develop a detailed awareness of the capabilities and limits of 4x4 vehicles.
OEX’s advanced courses teach attendees how to repair vehicles in the field without proper tools, and instantly adapt to different vehicle platforms.
Our unsupported expedition training involves a five or seven day excursion without human contact across challenging terrains.
We also provide ATV training, which teaches the safe operation and maintenance of all-terrain vehicles.
Our large truck format training prepares drivers to operate valuable vehicles and cargos on marginal terrain.
Our courses can significantly reduce vehicle accidents, and associated costs.
OEX can also provide fleet management training and vehicle acquisition consultancy.
OEX was founded by 4x4 expert Bruce Elfström, who has been driving these vehicles since the age of seven.
All of our staff are highly experienced in remote, challenging off-road driving, and teach in an accessible way.

We train everyone from military organisations and NGOs to photojournalists and mining professionals, and will tailor our courses to your group and circumstances.

In-depth 4×4 training courses

Courses cover maintenance and repair, familiarity with different vehicle platforms, night driving and how to respond to different terrains. Our courses are structured to provide you with the maximum amount of information, whilst giving you and your team the opportunity to push yourselves.

OEX offers two 4×4 mobility training courses at the company’s sites in Connecticut and Virginia and by calling in our World Wide Mobile Training Team to train at any location globally. Our standard course, which we recommend all drivers take initially, is three days long, and is designed for a maximum of 12 people.

The advanced course is five to seven days long, and has been developed in consultation with a range of special operations groups. Topics covered include terrain awareness and response, adaption between different vehicle platforms, field repair without tools, safety assessment, and in-depth recovery techniques.

If you have a group with varying experience levels, we can operate an advanced placement class alongside the standard course.

Unsupported 4×4 expedition training

In order to provide realistic training for unsupported expeditions, OEX offers five and seven day off-grid excursions. Taking place in the US, Canada, Iceland or Bolivia, these excursions involve navigation through very tough terrain, no external human contact and survival in difficult environments.

All equipment and supplies are brought with the team, so that no re-stocking is needed, and excursions can involve sourcing food from the land. Attendees will learn orienteering and navigation techniques, convoy driving, survival techniques and more.

This course is designed to fully prepare you for the harshest of unsupported expeditions.

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and side by side (UTV) training

With ATVs and especially side by sides or UTVs becoming an increasingly popular option for organisations looking to access remote locations, OEX has developed a course to provide advanced all-terrain vehicle training.

These versatile and economical platforms are very useful, but are potentially very dangerous, so it is very important drivers are able to operate them in a safe manner. This course teaches techniques to limit accidents, as well as onsite repair and maintenance.

Motorcycle training

Motorcycles are often used for short errands and ‘go-for’ missions. It is these seemingly easy errands that lead to complacency. OEX has developed a very methodical and linear curriculum on the proper operation, repair and extraction of industrial used motorcycles.

This training, in conjunction with the 4×4 and ATV/UTV training, will empower an operator to function with reliability and impunity on all forms of land mobility.

Large truck format training

For the past decade OEX has been consulting and training on mix convoy applications for overland mobility. Central to this is the care and driving of large format trucks in excess of 10t. Our training for 4×4, 6x6t, etc. for mining, forestry, fire fighting and military has become standard to many organizations’ course requirements. Be it UNIMOG to MWRAP M-ATV, or standard utility large-frame trucks, our training prepares drivers to effectually operate your most valuble vehicles and cargos on marginal terrains.

Safety and liability benefits of driver training

Ensuring your drivers have advanced training in 4x4s and other off-road vehicles is essential to limiting accidents and potential liability. Our courses can have a significant effect on your accident rates, reduce costs and help avoid injury. This can also have a beneficial effect on insurance, and make time tables far more predictable. OEX courses provide financial and safety benefits that far outweigh their costs.

Fleet management and vehicle acquisition

Mining companies have to deal with the management and acquisition of vehicles for their 4×4 fleet. This job requires expertise if it is to be done properly, which is why we provide fleet support training. We also can help with the acquisition of suitable vehicles, and work with companies such as Ford, Toyota and Land Rover to make sure you get the best possible 4x4s for your fleet.

Worldwide onsite and US-based training

While the majority of our training takes place at our two US sites, in Virginia and Connecticut. However, we also offer worldwide training, at sites to suit you. Our World Wide Mobile Training Team’s efforts have grown surprisingly, aiding Navy Seals, ExxonMobil and many geo-exploration companies. Our World Wide Mobile Training Team will come to your site and provide tailored training designed to suit your company. This service can be provided at fairly short notice.

Professional trainers with field expertise

OEX was founded by Bruce Elfström, son of a UN and freelance journalist and a documentary filmmaker, who has been driving 4x4s since the age of seven. Bruce has trained all of OEX’s staff over a two-year apprenticeship.

OEX staff have extensive experience operating 4x4s in remote, off-road locations, and are well-versed in teaching in a understandable, approachable way. References can be provided from organisations including the US State Department, Army Rangers and Navy Special Warfare.

If you would like to know more about OEX’s training services, please contact us using the form or details below.

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