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Total Water Management

Dewatering, Pump and Pipeline Solutions for the Mining Industry

Total Water Management (TWM) is a Mackay based company servicing both the Construction and Mining Industry throughout the Mackay region and Bowen Basin.

315 Doyles Road,
QLD 4741 Queensland,

315 Doyles Road,
QLD 4741 Queensland,

Total Water Management (TWM) is a Mackay-based company servicing both the construction and mining industry throughout the Mackay region and Bowen Basin. The company offers wellpoint and mine site dewatering, dry hire of pumps, contract pump crews, and supply and installation of poly pipelines.

With more than 10 years experience in dewatering and pump hire both in residential subdivisions and mining, TWM can effectively assist you in all of your pumping needs for your mining project.

Groundwater can often be a thorn in a mining project’s side, with TWM having amassed in excess of ten years of experience in wellpoint dewatering throughout central Queensland, we are able to help you design a dewatering system to lower the water table to enable your work to continue with the least amount of delay possible.

TWM possesses a reliable and well-maintained fleet in excellent condition, serviced and maintained by a dedicated pump fitter with many years of industry experience, as well as being factory trained by the manufacturers.

Mine site water management and consultancy

TWM is able to assist with all facets of water management strategies, whether it be an impartial audit on your pump and dewatering assets, or helping put together a water management plan.

Some of the services we have provided include pit dewatering strategies, pump crew knowledge sessions, and pump and pipeline audits. With more than 12 years’ experience specialising in water management and pump applications, servicing the mining industry throughout the Bowen Basin, we can take the hassle out of your water management planning.

Mine site dewatering

With a fleet of Sykes built 6in and 8in trailer mounted CP150i mine spec pumps and HH160i high head pit pumps, which are capable of pumping water, slurry, sewerage and solids up to 70mm, TWM is well equipped to handle mining projects.

The HH160i pumps have maximum flows of up to 188l/s and a shut-off delivery head of up to 140m to provide highly efficient and flexible pit dewatering. All of these units are powered by Cummins engines for uniformity, ease of servicing and excellent fuel economy. Ideally suited for water transfers in quarries and mine sites, for pit dewatering, bulk water transfer and filling water trucks, these HH160i pumps are market leaders in performance and fuel economy while also being user-friendly for inexperienced users.

TWM’s pumps are built to full mine specifications and are factory fitted with lockouts, emergency stop, fire extinguisher work lights and wheel chocks, making them ready to be used safely and effectively on any mine site. HH160i high head pumps also have full telemetry providing real-time data on suction lift, discharge pressure, operating speed and engine temperature, ensuring you maximise efficiency and productivity.

Mine site water management for pump and pipeline assets

Fully trained and experienced water management technicians can be supplied by TWM to look after your pump and pipeline assets. Our technicians are able to work alongside your team members or on a contract basis.

TWM can also assist in pit dewatering and pipeline relocations. The company’s technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable which allows them to work quickly and diligently as part of your mining project.

Poly pipe welding and installations for mining projects

TWM uses the latest Dixon Electric hydraulic welding machines and is also able to supply poly pipe from 25mm through to 1,000mm and all associated fittings to customise your pipeline.

From a simple Pit dewatering line to a complete water supply infrastructure system, TWM’s personnel are all fully-trained and licensed to perform poly pipe welding and installations on your mine site. Technicians are fully equipped with a mine spec 4×4 vehicle as well as all of the support equipment needed to successfully install your pipeline with the minimum amount of interruption to your operation.

Total Water Management Pty Ltd

315 Doyles Road


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