CHEMC Environmental specialises in environmental impact assessment, and environmental, civil design and rehabilitation. We provide a rendering service to conglomerate the mining industry and small businesses.

Our professional specialists are able to assess and comprehensively report on any environmental principle, from aquatic to marine science, air, soil, geology, geo-hydrology, archaeology, ecology, rehabilitation, or any such science connected to the environment. Our hydrological and geo-hydrological department is highly regarded, nationally and internationally. We are one of the very few companies in South Africa (SA) capable of producing specialised water and plume modelling.

Mine closure planning, quantification and rehabilitation services

CHEMC Environmental has been involved in some of the most integrated and comprehensive mine closure planning, quantification and rehabilitation construction exercises that have occurred to date.

This includes the closure of the Pering Lead Ore Mine, SA (BHPBilliton), Vlakfontein Nickel Mine, SA (Lonmin), Nooitgedaght Lead Mine and SA (BHPBilliton). The Vlakfontein nickel mine rehabilitation project won the Nedbank Green Award for 2008. In addition, we achieved runner-up for the Lonmin, EPL 1 slimes dam rehabilitation project.

Fish relocation project.
Safe-making of open defunct shafts.
Rehabilitation construction earth moving.
Our unique "Hessian Sausage" grass established ‘dead’ area.
The same so called ‘dead’ area after 18 months.

Environmental, risk, health and safety consultancy services

CHEMC Environmental provides multi-disciplinary environmental, risk, health and safety consultancy services. We offer a complete range of SHERQ solutions to the mining industry in the following fields:

  • Environmental project management
  • Mining feasibility
  • Closure planning
  • Rehabilitation and quantification
  • Rehabilitation construction and civil works
  • Integrated water and waste management programmes
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Data collection, monitoring and interpretation
  • Integrated environmental management (EIAs, SIAs and EMPs)
  • Environmental management programme reports
  • OHS and environmental auditing: training, risk assessment and management systems
  • Sustainability management systems
  • Environmental, occupational health, safety and systems training
  • Environmental legal advice and toxicology
  • Contaminated land assessment and remediation
  • Hydrology and geo-hydrology
  • Groundwater monitoring and modelling
  • Waste management, waste characterization and delisting
  • Geo-technical investigations
  • Bio-diversity studies
  • Identifying, eradication and control of invader plants

Mining rehabilitation and construction services

CHEMC Environmental is a leading specialist in providing innovative and effective solutions for slimes dam, dust control, and the rehabilitation of mining and industrial sites. We provide a turnkey solution to all environmental problems.

We audit / assess, design and plan tailor-made solutions using innovative ideas and our experienced staff. Our construction teams and equipment ensure completion of any project, to the finest detail.

Dust control services

CHEMC Environmental’s environmental friendly “Hessian Sausage” method for immediate dust control provides indigenous grass cover to the affected areas to ensure sustainability in the long run. This method can also be used in the driest of dry areas. The concept was runner-up in the 2008 Nedbank Green Awards, and allowed us to win first prize with the Vlakfontein nickel mine rehabilitation project.

Mine closure and quantification services

Through prior and progressive planning and implementation of measures, the costs and impacts on the environment can be minimised during mine closure. CHEMC Environmental’s multi-skilled team has the education, training and international experience to not only assist you in all spheres of this difficult field but to also ensure that cost-effective and sound planning achieve almost unprecedented positive results at the end of a mine’s life.

Rehabilitation construction services

CHEMC Environmental has its own construction teams and equipment, and can tackle any large scale civil and/or soil works project, having completed three major rehabilitation projects the past two years.

We pride ourselves in that we have the capabilities to assess a situation, perform the required EIAs and/or SIAs, obtain governmental approval, and design and plan rehabilitation and rectification. We then promptly put our constructions teams and equipment to the task, complete the full rehabilitation civil works, and get final approval from the applicable department.