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Mining Soil Stability Systems

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Presto Geosystems supports mine consultants and their owners to solve challenging soil stabilization problems with the GEOWEB® geocells. The GEOWEB system is a trusted, quality solution for mining soil stability needs, including haul roads, site access roads, slope reclamation, channel armoring and vegetated retaining walls.

Stabilization solutions for mine haul roads

The GEOWEB soil confinement system strengthens and stabilizes infill -allowing the use of on-site fill and even sand. GEOWEB geocells are an economical solution for mine haul roads, base improvement, and tailings containment. Sections are easily transported, even to remote locations, and can be quickly installed with ATRA® keys.

Mine haul roads benefits:

  • Creates a stable driving surface, even over soft ground
  • Greatly reduces rolling resistance; improves cycles times and fuel savings, reduces mechanical wear and tire damage to haul trucks
  • Reduces road maintenance costs
  • Reduces overall cross section of stone (average 50% to 85%) and may allow use of on-site fill
  • Transports easily and deploys quickly with on-site crews

GEOWEB Slope reclamation services

The GEOWEB 3-D structure stabilizes the upper soil layer on embankments and solves challenging slope erosion control and slope-surface stability problems. GEOWEB slope protection systems are utilized to stabilize cut slopes during mining operations or at mine closure.

Presto's Geoweb cellular confinement structure solves challenging soil stabilization problems.
Our Geoweb geocell system is an economical load support solution for mining roadway applications.
Presto’s Geoweb slope protection system stabilizes embankments and supports sustainable vegetation.
The Geoweb slope stabilization system stabilizes the upper soil layer.
The Geoweb channel stabilization system offers economical solutions for drainage channels and hydraulic structures.

Slope protection benefits:

  • Confined embankment infill supports sustainable vegetation or permeable infill
  • Allows slopes to be designed steeper than when infill is unconfined
  • Stable embankments create safer work areas in open pit mines, potentially increasing mineable area
  • Provides protection to geomembranes with vegetated or hard-armor aggregate or concrete

Basin containment

The GEOWEB system offers hard armor protection to geomembrane liners in solution ponds, stormwater containment and tailings storage facilities. A complete engineered geocell cover solution includes the GEOWEB material with high-strength tendons and load transfer clips. The system may be designed to be compatible with all liner types.

GEOWEB channel armoring open-channels and hydraulic structures

GEOWEB mine channels are designed for open channels and stormwater control with topsoil/vegetation, aggregate or concrete infill. Ideally suited for surface-water diversion channels, surface process-water channels, channel remediation and movement of tailings materials.

Channel system benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for costly rock in drainage ditches and stormwater swales by replacing rip rip with a low-maintenance, vegetated GEOWEB/TRM solution to resist higher velocities.
  • Confinement allows use of smaller aggregates, even on-site waste material
  • Concrete infill is a flexible, hard-armor solution to achieve greater stability and resistance to flows

Channel armoring applications:

  • Surface-water diversion channels
  • Surface process-water channels
  • Channel remediation
  • Movement of tailings materials

GEOWEB Retaining walls for mine slopes

GEOWEB retaining walls offer structural stability with the distinct advantage of a sustainable, completely vegetated fascia. The earth-retention system can withstand reasonable differential settlement without loss of structural integrity, can be constructed in remote areas with difficult access.

Retaining wall applications:

  • Steepened embankments in areas with limited site access
  • Road cut and fill through mountainous areas
  • Berm protection and stabilization of tailings/waste containment lagoons

White Papers

  • Erosion Protection of Steep Cut Slopes

    In May 1995, 70,000sf of large-cell (GW40V) GEOWEB® slope protection system was utilized on Phase II of the Cyprus Miami Open-Pit Mine to stabilize the cut slopes upon completion of copper extraction at the site.

  • Smart Earth Solutions

    PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS® leads the storm water and site development industry with eco-friendly, custom-tailored solutions to meet the most demanding soil and water problems.

Press Releases


  • Yaoure Gold Project

    Amara Mining Côte d’Ivoire (Amara) proposed to restart the historical Yaoure mine, which has been placed on care and maintenance since 2011 due to political uncertainty. Amara Mining Côte d’Ivoire (Amara, formerly Cluff Gold) acquired the mine in 2004.

670 N Perkins Street
Wisconsin 54914
United States of America

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