Applied Heat Elution Heating Systems for the Gold Industry

Applied Heat, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the THERMOMAT range of process heaters, used predominantly in the gold mining industry for the extraction of gold via elution circuits and similar.

Established in 1969, Applied Heat has specific expertise and considerable experience related to the design and manufacture of these complete heating systems, from the actual heaters to the heat exchangers and ancillaries.

Systems can be offered for both ZADRA and AARL gold extraction process types. The THERMOMAT system uses thermal oil as heat transfer fluid to indirectly heat the process stream.

Elution heating system design

Applied Heat has designed thermal oil heating systems, specifically for elution heating systems, since 1981 and has sold over 70 such plants. The proper design of such a system is key to the consistent production of gold.

The Applied Heat system uses thermal oil, which is heated up via the THERMOMAT heater at temperatures anywhere up to 300ºC, which is circulated via a shell and tube eluant / oil heat exchanger, to heat a steady eluant flow.

The heated eluant flow then heats up the carbon in the elution column, and related systems in the CIL / CIP / CIC circuit. Use is also made of recovery heat exchangers prior to the main exchanger, to increase energy efficiency.

Countries using THERMOMAT systems designed by Applied Heat include South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Greenland, Russia, Eretria, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Elution heating system manufacture

Applied Heat is the OEM for its heating systems. The THERMOMAT heater is 100% manufactured at its Johannesburg factory. The use of thermal oil allows for numerous operational advantages over other types of heating media, and is offered in diesel / gas / heavy oil fired or electric formats. Heaters are rugged, simple to operate and durable, with life-spans up to 15 years and over.

Heaters can be offered pre-assembled on skids, along with pumps, expansion systems, valves and heat exchangers, to be supplied as a complete heating module that is ready to operate.

Products offered include:

  • Thermal oil heaters – diesel / gas / heavy oil fired or electrically heated THERMOMAT units (sized from 18kW to 2,500kW per unit)
  • Related ancillary items: pumps, expansion and deaeration systems, high-temperature valves
  • Elution circuit heat exchangers – shell and tube or plate and frame
  • Manufacture and supply of all spares for systems of all ages

Elution heating system maintenance

Applied Heat offers site maintenance, commissioning and service facilities as well as site system overhaul capacity.

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Applied Heat Pty Ltd

Wynberg, Johannesburg


South Africa

+27 11 786 4200 + 27 11 887 7775

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Applied Heat Pty Ltd

Wynberg, Johannesburg


South Africa

+27 11 786 4200 + 27 11 887 7775

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