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Tenure Management Software and Consultancy Services

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Global Tenements focuses on tenement management solutions for the mining sector by supplying consultancy services and specialised software and database platforms.

Originally started in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (WA), in May 2010, we aim to keep up with the latest government regulations in the industry and the latest technologies so that we can ensure compliance set by the regulators are clearly understood to protect your tenure and secure each project. Through the development of our innovative software, we have expanded services to any mining jurisdiction in the world.

Global Tenements has been developed as a standalone system that doesn’t require access to the websites of mining tenure regulators and therefore provides accessibility for mining companies operating in Australia and the developing countries of the world, particularly in Africa and Latin America.

Global Tenements offers a web-based platform that helps mining and exploration companies ensure land asset compliance and protected mining tenements.
Global Tenements' intuitive software offers an accurate record of commitments while tracking compliance of reporting requirements worldwide.
Our services are used by companies in Western Australia, Africa and Latin America.
GroundSleuth monitors tenure changes in property ownership near the client project area to identify and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition.

Tenement management services for the mining industry

Global Exploration Tenement Services (GETS) provides tenement management advice to prospectors and miners and assist them into mineral production by ensuring their land tenure remains secure.

This includes minimising risk and maximising value at the onset and then through the project stages to facilitate compliance and ensure the protection of their most valuable asset, their mining tenure.

Our services and software have been implemented in Western Australia (WA), as well as other states in Australia.

Web-based asset management platform

Global Tenements has a web-based platform that assists mining and exploration companies to ensure their land assets are compliant with all relevant requirements and their mining tenements are comprehensively protected.

Global Tenements’ work is directly linked to understanding mines regulations, and working closely with the government to provide timely information to both mining companies and prospectors to ensure they understand compliance and keep their tenements in good standing.

Tenement management database software

Global Tenements’ independent tenement management database software system ensures the integrity of mining tenure locally, nationally and globally.

The software is intuitive and provides an accurate record of financial and physical commitments while tracking compliance of reporting requirements.

The system specifically adapts to mining rules and regulations which allows it to keep up to date with the ever-changing mines department regulations locally, nationally and globally.

Benefits of our software include:

  • Monitoring data integrity
  • A complete understanding of compliance conditions
  • Transparent accountability
  • The ability to plan and forecast budgets for tenements
  • Improved control over all aspects of tenure
  • Real-time access to tenements and their status
  • Enhanced due diligence for potential shareholders

Ground monitoring mapping software

GroundSleuth monitors tenure changes in property ownership near the client project area to detect and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition.

The software provides a visual representation of these ground movements on a map, which is automatically forwarded to clients on a daily basis.

This is currently only available for Western Australia but will be developed to extend to other states in Australia and key, resource-rich jurisdictions worldwide.

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Products & services

  • Global Tenement Security Software

    Global Tenement Security Software (GTS) is an independent tenement management database system developed to protect mining tenure locally, nationally, and globally.

  • GroundSleuth Software

    GroundSleuth monitors tenure changes in property ownership near user project areas to detect and enable opportunities for new ground acquisition.

PO Box 10939
WA 6433