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Advanced Monitoring Solutions for Mining Sites


Motion Metrics specializes in advanced monitoring solutions to improve safety, efficiency and productivity in mining. With over 15 years of experience perfecting rugged machine vision and sensor-based solutions, we apply artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Monitoring solutions for mine sites

Motion Metrics offers innovative solutions with a focus on safety and cost-effectiveness. Its products perform missing tooth detection, tooth wear monitoring, rock fragmentation analysis, payload monitoring and proximity detection to prevent site accidents, minimize machine downtime and ensure mines efficiency.

Motion Metrics products include ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ systems for monitoring mining machinery, as well as the new hand-held PortaMetrics™ device for on-site fragmentation analysis. All of these solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with the MetricsManager™ Pro data centralization system, which utilizes the cloud to allow mine managers to analyze all the data collected by Motion Metrics equipment.

Shovel monitoring systems

Our signature ShovelMetrics™ shovel monitoring system uses advanced imaging to detect missing shovel teeth and monitor tooth wear while also offering in-bucket fragmentation analysis, a patented blind spot detection module, and payload monitoring for hydraulic shovels.

LoaderMetrics™ also monitors bucket teeth using a specially designed thermal camera, while also providing blind spot surveillance to help prevent dangerous collisions and costly equipment damage. ShovelMetrics™ and LoaderMetrics™ are designed to maximize the amount of useful data collected by mining machinery while minimizing safety hazards, equipment damage, and machine down time.

Portable fragmentation anaylsis tools

The latest addition, PortaMetrics™, is a 'point and shoot' portable tablet for on-the-spot fragmentation analysis. It measures everything from rock size distribution to slope without the need for any reference objects.

PortaMetrics™ allows users to safely capture, process, and manually alter images in any environment. It works by integrating three high-resolution cameras into one handheld device, capturing and interpreting 3D images of any bench face, stockpile or quarry.

Cloud-enabled integration

ShovelMetrics™, LoaderMetrics™, and PortaMetrics™ are designed to integrate with MetricsManager™ Pro.

This cloud-based web application provides a single centralized platform to access all Motion Metrics system data. Customizable dashboards allow mine personnel and support specialists to easily monitor the health of each Motion Metrics device. With laptop, tablet and smartphone compatibility, detailed equipment productivity reports can be easily generated.

MetricsManager™ Pro provides real-time equipment status updates, tooth wear prediction reports, shovel productivity reports, and bucket-based rock fragmentation analysis.

About Motion Metrics

At Motion Metrics, we back all our solutions by providing comprehensive customer support and we take pride in the ongoing relationships we maintain with our clients.

Our engineers travel worldwide to perform everything from on-site installation and commissioning, to training, to scheduled maintenance and performance reports.

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