BeltMetrics™ is a ruggedized fragmentation analysis solution designed to measure rock size distribution on mining conveyor belts without interrupting production.  The system uses stereo imaging and machine learning algorithms to accurately scale and measure every visible rock and requires neither supervision nor scaling object.

  • Continual fragmentation analysis: BeltMetrics™ uses high-powered industrial LED lights to ensure the system operates reliably 24 hours per day. A rugged, industrial frame holds the camera and lighting in place, and is customizable to any belt size and orientation
  • Empty belt detection: In addition to providing valuable rock size distribution data, BeltMetrics™ alerts mine staff when the belt is empty so that blocked screens and chutes can be dealt with swiftly
  • Actionable data anywhere: Fragmentation data is accessible in real time from any laptop, tablet or cellphone via our web-based reporting platform, MetricsManager™ Pro