DomeShelter Australia High-Quality Fabric Shelters for the Mining Industry

DomeShelter Australia specialises in delivering industrial fabric shelters that are the highest quality, durable and easy to install.

We have designed and manufactured more than 5,500 fabric structures in 20 years, which have been delivered to the most remote regions of Australia and exported to 22 countries worldwide.

Superior-quality, cyclone-rated shelters and protection

DomeShelter Australia’s full-time in-house design team are experts at designing fit-for-purpose fabric buildings and our qualified workforce is capable of building a product that meets your design criteria.

Our team works in close collaboration to ensure the end result always meets your needs and a complete product is delivered on time.

By designing and manufacturing in our own facilities in Western Australia, we maintain complete quality control over the final product.

The Container Mounted DomeShelter™ is our most popular model, commonly referred to as a container shed. Our fabric roof structures can also be mounted on steel posts either on their own or in combination with sea containers or cement walls.

Shipping containers offer a range of benefits as a mounting option. They are easily available, can be secured and provide a fixed space for offices and storage.

Container shelters for industrial applications

Clients typically use DomeShelter Australia’s container shelters on mining and industrial sites for workshops, warehousing, equipment and materials storage, aviation shelters and staff amenities.

Our fabric storage shelters range from 6m to 80m-long, one to three shipping containers high and 30m-wide. They can accommodate the largest equipment and offer significant span-free space.

Our name is on the both the smallest and largest industrial shelters in Australia.

Australian Wind Code compliant shelters

The Australian Wind Code specifies four main wind regions and our shelters can be specifically engineered and structurally certified for each region. We are experienced in installing shelters in the highest wind region areas, which means they can withstand cyclonic winds.

DomeShelter Australia’s shelters are guaranteed for up to ten years.

To ensure delivery of superior and consistent product quality, our integrated management system is internationally audited to ISO 9001 and AS 4801. Lean manufacturing principles are adopted across the whole business to eliminate processing waste and build a continuous improvement culture.

Highly resistant fabric structures

Australia has some of the world’s toughest engineering standards so any shelter built for Australian conditions is assured of suitability in other countries.

DomeShelter Australia’s shelters are built with high-performance components such as Australian galvanised steel, proven mounting systems, strong bracing and high-quality tarps.

We use fabrics that are highly durable, tear-proof and flame-proof. They are proven to withstand adverse sun and wind conditions over many years.

Customisable fabric shelters for adverse environments

DomeShelter Australia’s clients benefit from the speed that the fabric shelter structures can be delivered to site in kit form following the initial order.

Standard size shelters can be ready to ship from our facilities within days of receiving the order, or customised configurations within weeks. Consequently, the turnaround time from order to installation is usually very quick.

Most installation by a client’s own teams generally takes from just a few hours to a couple of days depending on size and complexity. Relocation of the shelter, either across the site or off-site to respond to changing work need is equally as easy. It is not uncommon for shelters to be shifted between six and eight times.

For exports, they are loaded into sea containers for secure and reliable delivery to some of the most remote sites in the world.

We also have specialist installation teams available for clients who require support.

About DomeShelter Australia

DomeShelter Australia is a trusted and proven supplier to some of the largest mining and industrial companies worldwide. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver consistently high standards in everything we do.

You are welcome to contact us using the enquiry form or the contact details provided.

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DomeShelter Australia

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