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DomeShelter Australia

High Quality Fabric Structures - Engineered to Protect

DomeShelter Australia specialises in delivering industrial fabric shelters that are the highest quality, durable and easy to install.

Head Office,
82 Byfield St,
Western Australia 6401 Australia

Many of the worlds largest mining and industrial companies are increasingly installing DomeShelter™ Industrial Fabric Shelters for their workshop and warehousing needs. With major advances in fabric technology, Fabric Structures are now the preferred alternative to traditional steel buildings.

DomeShelter Australia is the original creator and manufacturer of high quality, fit for purpose Fabric Shelter Structures that cleverly adapt to a wide range of uses including

  • Heavy vehicle and general workshops
  • Light vehicle and general workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Materials storage
  • Aviation hangars
  • Staff amenities
  • Fuel & Tyre change bays
  • Vehicle garaging

In the past three decades, we have manufactured over 6,500 Fabric Shelters, using quality Australian galvanised steel, the best fabric and rigorously following the highest engineering certification standards. Our shelters are designed and built to withstand the highest cyclonic winds and have stood the test of time in some of the remotest and harshest environments across the world.

Exported to 40 countries

We export to 40 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Our shelters set the benchmark for quality, durability, versatility and ease of installation.

Manufactured in Western Australia, they are cleverly packed down into kit form for transport to site, either on flatbed trucks for Australian delivery, or into standard sea containers for international delivery direct to site. Installation is usually done by the client’s own teams following comprehensive instructions provided, thereby saving considerably on the cost of external installation teams. Continual feedback from clients shows a very high level of satisfaction with the ease of installation.

By designing and manufacturing in our own facilities in Western Australia, we maintain complete quality control over the final product. Australia has some of the highest engineering standards in the world, so our domestic and international clients have the assurance of quality in all shelters supplied by DomeShelter Australia.

Lower total cost of ownership

DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures are a viable alternative to traditional steel buildings for a wide range of uses. Often installed by clients

  • Who are on short to medium term contracts and need a non-permanent shelter solution
  • Who don’t own the land on which they are operating and need to rehabilitate their presence on contract completion
  • Who need a shelter solution that is durable, fit-for-purpose which is quick and easy to order, deliver to site and install
  • Who are conscious of the lower total cost of ownership over the life of the project

Models available

The versatility of a DomeShelter™ Fabric Structure is demonstrated by the range of roof mounting options available including

  • Container Mounting – sea containers are readily available worldwide and can be stacked one, two or three high to achieve the necessary height for the largest, highest equipment. They also provide excellent and secure storage and office space.
  • Steel Posts – allow for open sidewalls for easy equipment access
  • Combination sea container and steel posts – often used to provide the benefits of both container and post systems
  • Concrete walls – most often used for materials storage Shelters

All shelters can be fully or partially sealed with end walls. Personal and large equipment access doors can be incorporated into the design.

Multiple Shelter modules can be placed side by side to set up multiple bay interconnected workshops. The configuration options are wide and varied.

Superior quality cyclone rate shelters

Australian Wind Code specifies four main wind regions and our shelters can be specifically engineered and structurally certified for each region. We are well experienced in placing shelters in the highest wind region areas such as Australia’s North West coast which is subject to severe cyclonic conditions.

Shelters are guaranteed for up to ten years.

To ensure delivery of superior and consistent product quality, our integrated management system is internationally audited to ISO 9001 and AS4801. Lean manufacturing principles are adopted across the whole business to eliminate processing waste and build a continuous improvement culture.

Fabrics used are highly durable, tear-proof and flame-proof. They are proven to withstand the harshest sun and wind conditions over many years.

Contact us

Contact DomeShelter Australia to start a conversation on how we can assist with a high-quality Fabric Shelter for your project.

Container Mounted Fabric Shelters

Container Mounted Fabric Shelters are now widely used by the worlds leading mining and industrial companies as workshops, warehouses and materials storage.


DomeShelter Australia’s Fabric Structures are renowned for the speed and ease they can be installed on-site usually by the client’s own teams, following instructions provided.

Post-Mounted Fabric Shelter

DomeShelter™ Post Mounted Fabric Shelters are popular shelter solutions for workshops, garaging and storage.

Combination Mounted Fabric Shelter

DomeShelter™ Combination Mounted Fabric Shelters are a variation on the container mounted and post mounted shelters provided by DomeShelter Australia and achieve the benefits of both mounting options.

Concrete Mounted Fabric Shelter

Concrete Mounted Fabric Shelters provide the ideal span free space for materials storage where large equipment access is required and the concrete side and rear walls need to be sturdy.

CSBP Case Study

Chemical and fertiliser manufacturer CSBP installed 11 DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures to warehouse goods in transit.

Fabric Shelter Importing Guide

DomeShelter Australia's Fabric Shelter Systems provide high-quality shelter solutions for mining and industrial sites.

Christmas Creek Iron Ore Mine

Christmas Creek iron ore mine is operated by the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), Australia’s third-largest iron ore producer. The mine is part of FMG's mining operations.

Argyle Diamond Mine, Kimberley

The Argyle mine, located in the Kimberley region in the far north-eastern area of Western Australia, was the world’s largest single producer of diamonds. The mine lies some 550km south-west of Darwin by air. The region is remote, rugged and hot, with temperatures of more than 40°C during the wet season from October to March.

Mount Morgans Gold Project

Mount Morgans gold project is a brownfield gold mine located 25km south-west of Laverton gold district, the second biggest gold province in Australia after Kalgoorlie. The Mount Morgans project is 100% owned by Dacian Gold.

Dalgaranga Gold Project, Murchison

The Dalgaranga Gold Project is located approximately 70km north-west of Mt Magnet, within the Murchison gold mining district in Western Australia. The project will involve the development of the brownfield Gilbeys deposit and the greenfield Golden Wings deposit.

Solomon Hub Iron Ore Mine

The Solomon Hub open-cut iron ore mine is located around 60km north of Tom Price in Western Australia. The mine is fully owned by Australian miner Fortescue Metals Group.

DomeShelter Installs Shelters for CSBP

Fertiliser and chemical giant CSBP limited, a part of the Wesfarmers group, recently installed 11 large Fabric Shelters by DomeShelter Australia as temporary warehouses for stock in transit.

Have You Qualified for your Instant Asset Write-Off?

DomeShelter provides mining clients who qualify for the Federal Government new Instant Asset Write Off Program with quick and easy access to their popular Fabric Structures for workshop, warehouses and all shelter requirements.

Fabric Shelters Save Money, Time and Stress

DomeShelter Australia’s Container Mounted Fabric Shelters have been in the market for over 25 years. They have slowly and carefully established a worldwide market, providing workshop and warehouse solutions to some of the world's leading mining companies.

Finding a Solution to the Harsh Sun in Remote Mining

In Western Australia's resource-rich Pilbara region, most things are huge. However, sometimes bigger is not necessarily better. At Citic Pacific Mining Sino Iron Ore project, this small container-mounted fabric structure is doing a mighty job.

DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures – Purchasing, Placement, People and Pride

Whilst DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures have been in the market for nearly 25 years, to many first-time buyers they are still a new experience and they need assurance that this type of shelter system will be fit for purpose and withstand the rigours of the environment it will be placed in.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership with Fabric Buildings

In early 2018, Fabric Shelter manufacturer DomeShelter Australia circulated an article titled 'Shed or Shelter?', which compared their Fabric Buildings to traditional steel sheds for warehousing or workshops.

DomeShelter Australia Appoints New Sales Manager

Fresh from a record October sales month, fabric shelter manufacturer DomeShelter Australia has bolstered its senior ranks with the appointment of a new Sales Manager. Ms Tamara Awudu.

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