DomeShelter™ Combination Mounted Fabric Shelters are a variation on the container mounted and post mounted shelters provided by DomeShelter Australia and achieve the benefits of both mounting options.

As the name suggest, the Fabric Roof Structure is mounted on standard sea containers one side and steel posts the other. Alternatively, the Fabric Roof Structure can be mounted to the side of a building if necessary, with posts or sea containers the alternate side.

The Fabric Roof Structure can be transported in kit form to the remotest sites and easily installed by client’s teams, typically from as little a few hours to a couple of days. It can then just as easily be dismantled and relocated across or off-site to meet changing work needs. More complex installations can be handled by specialist installation teams from DomeShelter Australia.

The standard sea containers one side can be stacked up to two high for height and end to end for length. Steel posts the other side are then adjusted to the height of the containers. The Shelter can be built to any length required.

Mounting Options

Other options for mounting the Fabric Structure include steel posts, sea containers or concrete walls.

Cyclonic Winds

Fabric Shelters from DomeShelter Australia can be engineered to withstand cyclonic winds.

Sea Containers

The combination of posts and sea containers offers the benefits of both mounting options. Sea Containers one side can be used as a secure office and storage space, typically associated with warehouse or workshop and posts the other side provide for easy access for personnel and equipment.


Fabric Shelters come in a range of standard sizes or they can be designed to a customised size to suit client needs. Standard sizes are often available to ship to the client within days of order and as a result, can be on site and installed in a short time.

Clients projects can be up and running quickly and easily and the clients save time and money as a result.

Customised sizes go to our specialist design and engineering teams and take longer to manufacture and ship, but the client ends up with a fit for purpose shelter that meets their requirements.

All shelters come with full engineering certification.


Combination Mounted Fabric Shelters offer significant advantages over traditional steel buildings. They can be transported to site anywhere in the world with ease. Up to 1,000m² of roof space can be fitted in kit form into a single sea container. Once on-site, they can be quickly and easily installed and relocated with ease across or off-site to suit changing work needs.