Concrete Mounted Fabric Shelters provide the ideal span free space for materials storage where large equipment access is required and the concrete side and rear walls need to be sturdy.

The Fabric Structure is mounted on concrete walls which can be adjusted in height from 1m to 6m, depending on the usage requirements of the shelter. The concrete wall can be pre-cast concrete blocks or specially built and can be used on both sides and rear of the shelter if necessary.

Mounting Options

Other options for mounting Fabric Structures include steel posts, sea containers or a combination of posts and sea containers.

Cyclonic Winds

Fabric Shelters from DomeShelter Australia can be engineered to withstand cyclonic winds.


Fabric Shelters come in a range of standard sizes or they can be designed to a customised size to suit client needs. Standard sizes are often available to ship to the client within days of order and as a result, can be on site and installed in a short time. Clients projects can be up and running quickly and easily and the clients save time and money as a result.

All shelters come with full engineering certification.


Concrete Mounted Fabric Shelters offer significant advantages over traditional steel buildings. In particular, the concrete walls offer an excellent corrosion resistance to materials and a backstop to heavy equipment used to excavate the materials.