The AKOREL corrects the grain size of the natural sand deposit according to the required grain size distribution.

Principle of Operation

One or two sand qualities within the desired PSD (plus an uncontrolled sand grade) can be produced by blending 6 to 16 individual grain size fractions, via a user programmable control unit.

Design Features and Advantages

  • High quality products according to customers’ requirements
  • Programmable control unit
  • Adaptation to customer specific grades and standards
  • Recipes and standards can be saved and called up


Construction sands 0mm – 4mm

For the AKOREL, different levels of control systems are available:

• Basic Standard-Control Option
Suitable for the production of simple and constant quality sand output

• High Standard-Control Option
Suitable when production requires flexibility in quality sand outputs

• Premium-Control Option (Siemens S7 with WinCC)
Suitable when production requires flexibility in the handling of varying input and output recipes