AKA-SIZER type TAK can produce products with cut sizes up to 0.8mm/800μm.

Principle of Operation

An optimum distribution of the upstream water from the bottom via a self closing nozzle plate, results in a homogeneous classifying bed, which enables a precise separation. By varying the water flow, different cut sizes can be achieved. A special designed discharge regulation system controlled by the density of the fluidized bed, ensures a uniform cut size even in the case of fluctuations of the feed specification (grain size, concentration, capacity).

Design Features and Advantages

  • Self closing nozzles
  • Special designed discharge dart valves
  • No dead zone above the discharge valves
  • Adjustable and sensitive density sensor
  • Central feeding for an effective distribution into the tank


  • Glass, foundry and industrial sands
  • Phosphate
  • Chromite
  • Slag