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High Performance Thickeners AKA-SET: for sludge thickening and valorizing

Principle of Operation

Macro flocs will be created due to the flow route of the flocculat ed feed slurry in counter-current to the sedimenting particles in the filtering zone. These flocs will sediment at a higher speed than the micro flocs of conventional thickeners. This results in a higher loading rate per unit settling area and smaller thickener diameters, compared to the traditional static thickeners.

Design Features and Advantages

  • High loading rate per unit settling area
  • Consistently steady high sludge concentration
  • Fully automated
  • Low energy system
  • Produced out of customized or corrosion-resistant materials (steel, stainless steel)
  • Coating with chemical and corrosion-resistant materials as an option (rubber, polyurethane, ceramic glazed)
  • Lifting rake system as an option
  • Available in conical and flat-bottom versions

Applications – Conical type

  • Mineral products (kaolin, salt, clay)

Applications – Flat type

  • Mineral waste (sand, slag, soil remediation sludges)

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