AKA-SPIDER are annular distributors, combining several hydrocyclones together in order to reach a requested process throughput.

Principle of Operation

The hydrocyclones are connected to an inflow chamber (feed chamber) which is fed with the necessary amount of slurry at a calculated pressure. Each hydrocyclone is charged with the same pressure. The hydrocyclone overflows will be collected in an overflow tank, and the underflows in a separate underflow chute.

Design Features and Advantages

  • Homogeneous and equal pressure distribution of the suspension
  • Reduced dead zone in the feed tank
  • Equal flow distribution
  • Our distributors are also available in longitudinal design
  • Available with rubber liner
  • Available with different shut off valves (butterfly, flat, bottom angle, …)
  • Can be equipped with antiblocking filter AKA-STRAINER
  • Customized design available