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Your Solution for Slurry and Non-Slurry Centrifugal Pumps

KSB Mining specialises in centrifugal pumps for slurry and non-slurry applications in the mining sector.

GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company),
5000 Wrightsboro Road,
GA 30813 United States of America

GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company),
5000 Wrightsboro Road,
GA 30813 United States of America

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of centrifugal pumps and valves, the KSB Group is proud to introduce you to KSB Mining. KSB Mining focuses resources on your industry, concentrating our leading expertise on centrifugal pumps in slurry and non-slurry applications in mining and dredging operations.

Solving Your Mining Challenges

We understand your production concerns. Top mining companies turn to us because we collaborate with them to deliver solutions that improve efficiency, increase safety and help them achieve their mining sustainability targets. We engineer our pumps and IIoT solutions to increase production while reducing power requirements, emissions, and water use.

We are dedicated to continuous product improvement. Our R&D facilities include a world-renowned, full-scale Hydraulic Lab equipped for testing pump performance and optimizing slurry systems. This state-of-the-art laboratory is where our experts develop new pump technologies and IIot features for your unique requirements.

GIW® Slurry Pumps

KSB supplies a comprehensive range of products for slurry transport. Our line of GIW® slurry pumps are designed to move slurry efficiently across various applications in the hard rock mining, mineral mining, oil sands and dredging industries. Our portfolio of mining products includes cyclone feed and other screen pumps, slurry pumps, and process pumps. GIW® slurry pumps are also used in hydrotransport applications and long-distance tailings disposal.

When it comes to slurry transport, we provide precisely what our customers need: rugged, cost-effective slurry and mining pumps. KSB’s innovative solutions help you maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Choose GIW® pumps to extend runtimes, minimize unplanned outages and lower your total cost of ownership.

Global Support for Pumping Worldwide

Our global network reaches more than 100 countries. We have sales offices and Service Centers near you that provide comprehensive pump packages and technical consultancy support for hard rock and industrial mineral applications.

  • Continuous support with selection, installation, startup, upgrades, and repairs
  • Local spare parts inventory
  • Assistance with supply chain management

LSA Heavy-Duty Pumps

GIW's LSA pump series is low maintenance and abrasion resistant, suited for heavy-duty applications and industries.

LCC High-Performance Pumps

GIW offers LCC pumps featuring Corbrasion™ resistance, designed for the most corrosive applications and abrasive slurry, as well as coarse and fine particles.

High Volume Froth Pump

GIW's high volume froth (HVF) pump is designed to service air entrained slurries.

MDX Double-Suction Vertical Pump

GIW's MDX vertical pumps are suited for pumping highly abrasive slurry, as well as applications such as dewatering, floor clean-up and process transfer.

MDX Mill Duty Extra Heavy Pumps

MDX extra heavy-duty pumps are made for the challenging conditions of mill processing. The pumps can be customised for reduced eye suction liners, quick release wet end, full vanes to fit oversize shrouds, and adjustable liner assemblies.

This is GIW

A video introducing clients to GIW Industries

Hope Downs Iron Ore Mine

The Hope Downs mine is situated 100km north-west of Newman in the Pilbara region of Australia.

Stibnite Gold Project, Idaho

The Stibnite Gold Project (formerly Golden Meadows Project) is located in the historic Stibnite-Yellow Pine mining district in central Idaho, US.

Rosemont Gold Mine

Rosemont is an open pit gold mine located about 9km north-west of Garden Well gold mine in Western Australia.

Kittila Gold Mine

The Kittila gold mine is located 900km to the north of Helsinki, Finland, at the Suurikuusikko gold deposit.

Antamina Copper-Zinc Mine

The Antamina copper-zinc mine is located in the Andes Mountains of Peru, approximately 285km north of Lima in the Depart

What is Vane Pass?

Pumps experience a wide variety of pressures and loads during operation, and it is important for operators to know how and when they occur. "Vane pass" is no exception. This term refers to the pressure pulsations generated within the pump as the impeller vanes pass the cutwater.

GIW’s RAMSL Technology Stops at the CIM Convention

The Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner (RAMSL) will continue its tour at the CIM Convention in Montreal, Canada, April 28 – May 1. The RAMSL technology debuted at the recent SME Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, CO.

Removing Impellers from Pump Shafts

What happens when a pump isn’t performing optimally due to a stuck impeller - and what could cause an impeller to get stuck in the first place?

Change Is Good in the Oil Sands

GIW Industries Inc. is already known for its experts and customer-oriented approaches. However, in the Canadian Oil Sands, GIW professionals are taking their commitment to service to a whole new level by adding more resources, offering enhanced on-site tech support, and focusing on a personalized experience for all customers.

How to Prepare Pumps for Cold Winter Weather

With so much moisture present during operation, slurry pumps become notably vulnerable to damage in cold weather. Frozen water in your pump system can lead to crippling issues ranging from improper functioning and premature parts failure all the way to more costly damage caused by freeze-and-thaw issues or thermal shock.

Boosting Pump Efficiency and Reducing Maintenance Costs

An optimized pump and slurry system can make or break a business in the Canadian Oil Sands. Costing up to $100,000 per hour due to lost production, it’s no secret that sites plagued by frequent shutdowns, pump malfunctions, or constant parts replacements struggle to control costs.

New Dredge Pump Orders Extend GIW Global Reach

GIW has a long and rich history in the world of dredge pumps. Although GIW's pump quality and engineering capabilities are globally renowned, European customers mostly relied on GIW for our ultra-reliable parts and small to medium-sized pumps. However, two massive projects have shifted this vision, propelling GIW from a parts provider to a complete dredge pump supplier in the European and global dredge market.

GIW Names Jonathan Samuel New VP Sales and Marketing

GIW Industries, the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps, recently named Jonathan Samuel as sales and marketing vice-president. With more than 22 years of hands-on expertise in the pumping industry, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position.

Revolutionary HVF Pump Gets High-Value Modifications

New updates to the GIW® Minerals' High-Volume Froth (HVF) Pump have been announced that make this innovative pump even more beneficial to mining, wastewater, paper recycling, oil sands, and other markets.

KSB Announces New Foundry at GIW Industries

GIW Industries, a leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, is proud to announce its foundry grand opening.

Specialised Underwater Pump Dredges 100m Below Surface

GIW Industries Inc, the leader in the design, manufacture and application of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps, has announced the successful design and installation of a unique underwater pump system for a major Chinese dredging contractor.

GIW Industries Inc Named Company of the Year

GIW Industries Inc, the leader in the design, manufacture and application of heavy-duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, is honoured to be named the 2014 Company of the Year in Manufacturing by the Development Authority of Columbia County, Georgia.

Fort McMurray Expands REGEN Service Centres

GIW Industries is the leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry equipment, pumps and parts. The company is expanding its REGEN Service Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to meet the growing needs of the nearby oil sands industry.

GIW Pumps Make the Cut for Chinese Harbor

GIW Industries, the leader in the design, manufacture and application of heavy duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, announced the application of its hard-wearing double-wall pumps in Lianyungang, China.

GIW Employee Reaches 50-Year Tenure

GIW Industries, the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, is excited to announce a new record in employment longevity: as of January, Reab Berry, Mechanical Engineer and renowned slurry pump expert, has been with GIW for 50 years.

GIW Slurry Pumps Debut in Mexico

GIW Industries, the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, announced two major contracts with Mexico's Industrias Peñoles.

GIW Industries to Attend MINExpo 2012

GIW Industries, a slurry pump manufacturer, will attend MINExpo International, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on the 24-26 September 2012.

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GIW Industries, Inc. (A KSB Company)

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