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MDX Mill Duty Extra Heavy Pumps

MDX Mill Duty Pump Brochure

MDX extra heavy-duty pumps are made for the challenging conditions of mill processing. The pumps can be customised for reduced eye suction liners, quick release wet end, full vanes to fit oversize shrouds, and adjustable liner assemblies. Large size pumps are available with an open back shell, so they can be operated by left or right-handed pumping.

The vane impeller minimises vibration while transporting vast amounts of aggressive slurry.

The MDX series has assured long-life and wear-resistance due to its larger than average impeller with a lower rotation speed. It also has an adjustable suction liner, to reduce downtime and oversize shrouds for greater clearing and lowering wear from recirculation.

The MDX pump can match its operating cycles with the scheduled mill outages, to improve productivity.

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