Ausroad – Stemming Specialists Road Maintenance Trucks for the Mining Sector

Ausroad Systems designs, manufactures, distributes and hires specialist Stemming Machines.

The company supplies purpose-built stemming solutions to both the private and public sector. Our customers include private contractors as well as major mining and resources companies.

We have been designing and manufacturing specialist road maintenance trucks since 1990. The development of AUSROAD Stemming Trucks followed on from 20 years of supplying automated road maintenance equipment.

Each Stemming Truck has specific modifications to meet the individual needs of our clients. We assemble and fit the specially designed stemming body to off-road truck chassis’.

The production of AUSROAD Stemming Trucks requires our team’s specialised and expert knowledge. All our ongoing innovation and product development is performed in Australia, from where we lead the way globally. We build our own equipment using the skills and experience of our Australian manufacturing team.

Ausroad has two distinct areas of business focus, namely mining plant / stemming trucks and road maintenance trucks.

In both these business divisions, we are committed to providing excellent product and service quality, as well as offering either purchase or wet/dry hiring options.

Stemming Trucks for mining applications

Ausroad manufactures and distributes a range of Stemming Trucks that improve the safety and efficiency of the stemming process while reducing costs across a range of situations. Each Stemming Truck can be customized to suit individual client requirements.

AUSROAD Stemming Trucks have revolutionised the stemming process within open cut mines.  Much of our machine research and development has been done in collaboration with major mining and resource companies to ensure they are tailor-made for Australian conditions.

Our machines range in size from 1.5m³ remote control Contour Loaders to up to 16.5m³ heavy Stemming Trucks.

 Our AUSROAD Stemming Trucks have the largest range of payload capacities worldwide Our industry-leading design means faster hole-filling and less downtime for mechanical failure. One truck is easily able to deliver 26-tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. The process is fully controlled from the driver’s seat via a joystick, enhancing safety. Proportional hydraulic control capabilities enable precise stemming material control and placement, thereby reducing wastage and optimising efficiency.

We’ve partnered with major truck manufacturers to integrate our machines with off-road truck chassis’ to create a seamless operation.

With AUSROAD Stemming Trucks, an operator can accurately programme the delivery of non-combustible material to the blast hole at the top of an explosive charge.

In effect, we’ve successfully ‘industrialised’ the stemming process by making it less manual.

AUSROAD Stemming Trucks ensure there are fewer unpredicted vehicle movements onsite and reduced dust and heat exposure for ground staff. Productivity is increased due to faster, more efficient and economical stemming, with reduced material wastage due to the greater accuracy of material delivery. With AUSROAD Stemming Trucks there is no double-handling in the stemming process. 

Stemming Contour Loaders

The AUSROAD Stemming Contour Loader represents the first vehicle of its kind in the world.

It’s a purpose-built, radio-controlled, track-based, vehicle for safer and more efficient stemming in hilly or contoured regions. The rubber track-based unit enables optimal stability and terrain agility, while the radio-control allows the operator to keep at a safe distance.

Hiring & Contracting Services

We have a fleet of Stemming Trucks, as well as a variety of complementary equipment available for dry or wet hire.


AUSROAD has more than 27 years in building equipment and handling aggregates and other materials.

With manufacturing based in Brisbane, Queensland, and representation in Perth, Western Australia, it has the scale and experience to deliver reliable contracting services, backup service, parts and training. Because we build and design our own product, we can quote a delivery date with confidence. 

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Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd and Ausroad Plant Services Pty Ltd

PO Box 1200



QLD 4108


+61 7 3216 7058 +61 0417 793 774 (Toni mobile) +61 0427 427 049 (Stefan mobile) +61 7 3216 7076

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Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd and Ausroad Plant Services Pty Ltd

PO Box 1200



QLD 4108


Toni Dunlop (Managing Director) Stefan Dunlop (Hiring & Contracting) +61 7 3216 7058 +61 0417 793 774 (Toni mobile) +61 0427 427 049 (Stefan mobile) +61 7 3216 7076

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