Stemming Contour Loaders

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Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders are the first vehicle of their kind in the world.

These are purpose-built, radio-controlled, track-based vehicles, which facilitate safer and more efficient stemming in hilly or contoured regions. Rubber tracking allows for optimal stability and all-terrain agility, while the radio-control allows operators to keep at a safe distance.

Operators describe Contour Loaders as a ‘serious toy for serious work’, with job satisfaction heightened by its innovative design and capabilities.

Get the same results as you would on flat ground with the Ausroad Contour Loaders – designed to deliver the same safety, efficiency and accuracy as Ausroad Stemming Trucks and proven: less misfires.

  • EFFICIENCY: improved
  • Tracked-base unit
  • Remote control and ride-on options
  • 1.5-tonne capacity
  • Comprehensive safety
  • Staged inclinometers to warn of excessive angles
  • Simple, fast and safe
  • Predictable movements
  • Less stoppages
  • Increased productivity

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