Mining Application Integration and Wireless Network Solutions

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3D-P designs and deploys wireless networks in mines, and has done for over 20 years.

Focusing on optimising radio frequency (RF) zones, 3D-P's team of experienced engineers designs, deploys, and offers support for any mining wireless networks for maximum reliability and performance.

The company understands the challenges of deploying mission-critical wireless networks in mining environments, and offers a distinctive and effective approach to network design.

Wireless mining network design and deployment

With deployments in more than 80 mines worldwide, 3D-P helps clients with their mining wireless network requirements.

Its specialists assist with planning, design, deployment and optimisation of wireless networks during all stages of the mine lifecycle, from pre-feasibility to brownfield operations.

Whatever the requirement, whether the flexibility of a Rajant network, the speed of a Zebra (802.11n) or the security of a private long-term evolution (LTE), 3D-P can help.

Wireless network maintenance and support

3D-P offers a number of additional services to optimise the ongoing performance and maintenance of clients' wireless networks.

Through its site survey, the company assesses clients' current mining operational requirements and RF environment in order to propose a solution that meets current and future network demands. In addition, network-managed services enable mines with limited resources to outsource maintenance to an expert team.

3D-P offers 24/7 support, as well as comprehensive and flexible range classes to provide clients' staff with the knowledge necessary to configure, deploy and manage their wireless network on-site.

Intelligent application integration solution

The Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) is a powerful, rugged mobile computing system, complete with 3D-P's own situationally aware suite of software, data management and integration tools, allowing the IEP to solve the complex problems of application integration.

Designed specifically to endure adverse heavy mobile mining environment, the IEP provides seamless integration and management of all data and onboard applications on a single wireless network.

Its latest model, the e200 Hornet, features:

  • Common applications host
  • Single hardware solution
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Future-proof with dual radio options available
  • Powerful network management tool
  • Asset tracker
  • Remote management solution
  • Virtual machine host

Customised application solution suite

The IEP features a comprehensive suite of integration and resource sharing tools, allowing it to integrate with and move data between the network, and on-board systems and interfaces.

The IEP suite of tools can also be easily utilised by hosted or interconnected applications. The open architecture of the 3D-P IEP, allows clients to develop and deploy an almost infinite number of custom software packages to meet their mine's unique needs.

Wireless network infrastructure solutions

To ensure optimal network performance, 3D-P supplies reliable network infrastructure equipment for the mining industry.

3D-P designs a multi-tiered wireless network, providing maximum throughput and scalability. The company utilises Cambium Networks for the backhaul and distribution layers, and is dependent upon the customer's specific requirements, either Rajant or Zebra Technologies, for the access layer.

In addition, the company also provides its own range of mobile solar trailers. Created with the design philosophy of durability, ease of management and reliability, the 3D-P solar trailers withstand challenging environments, and are configured to meet the client's specific requirements.

About 3D-P

Created in 1996 to bring new value-added technology to the mining industry, 3D-P was one of the first companies to introduce and promote purpose-built open networking and computing platforms in a mining environment.

Through its IEP, 3D-P's objective was to end vendor lock-in and allow customers to adopt a 'best of breed' approach to solving their communications and technology needs.

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