Poor machine utilization has a direct impact on productivity – under-load your truck and you are below productivity and underutilising your assets; overload it and you risk increasing maintenance costs, tire failure, spillage and road wear.

Poor load distribution also increases wear in your vehicle through asymmetrical stresses, increased spillage, and the resulting tire damage and required road maintenance.

The 3D-P Production Load Assist Tool enables real-time display of load pass, total tonnage, BCM, material and centre of gravity data directly to both the excavator (or loader) and truck display, assisting with optimal loading of your trucks every time.

Load data is automatically collected from the truck’s onboard strut sensors, centre of gravity calculated and transmitted in real-time to the excavator for immediate operator control. Tonnage/BCM data is rechecked as the truck moves off via the second gear rear-weigh, and is retransmitted to the excavator to ensure the operator receives the most correct payload value. The real-time centre of gravity data enables the excavator operator to load the truck in an optimal way, ensuring that the load is as close as possible to the truck’s centre of gravity, for minimized wear and tear. Trucks automatically ‘pair’ with the excavator based on GPS proximity and the truck’s operating state, requesting minimum effort from the operator.