Historical and live data from your network infrastructure, mobile clients, servers and applications are critical to the optimized management of your operations.

3D-P Insight is a comprehensive tool, purpose-built for mining. It allows mine operators to easily monitor, trend, and alert on key business performance indicators. With its unique ability to monitor both 3D-P and third-party assets including network infrastructure, mining applications and machine interfaces, Insight provides a near real-time view of all your assets and data connections in the field.

Alerts and trend analysis

Customizable actions (for example, alerts and notifications) can be configured when thresholds have been exceeded allowing prompt identification and resolution of potential issues before they impact your operations.

Performance data for any chosen time period can be visually displayed separately or in conjunction with one or several other parameters, allowing incident analysis and trending for optimal performance management.

Smart IoT at your fingertips

3D-P Insight leverages the Smart IoT (Internet of Things) to provide critical information on any connected asset. Insight goes far beyond most network monitors, which only provide limited up / down information or information on a single vendor’s assets, by providing visualization and true intelligence on a host of wired or wireless network assets from multiple vendors, as well as intelligence on the connected assets and the available data behind those network points. 3D-P Insight ties multiple data points together, providing users intelligent information on all the available, complex systems that are monitored.

The power of third-party integration

Insight breaks new ground by leveraging 3D-P’s ‘edge’ computing device, the Intelligent Endpoint ® (IEP), to gather information from the mining IoT. This system provides application specific information by monitoring the network for pre-defined data types, showing the user not only that the asset is up and running, but that the expected data (such as GPS corrections) is being sent or received. Insight can even connect to other databases or, through an IEP, to non IP connected assets at the network edge, providing access and reporting on critical information. Of course, Insight can also monitor position, battery level, temperatures, solar performance, and even fuel level on Solar and Fuel Cell trailers or light plants, pumps, and other remote systems.

3D-P Insight is a truly integrated system leveraging the IoT to provide critical asset information when and where needed. Together, the real-time visualizations, generated reports, and context based alerting from Insight allow miners a critical vision into what is working properly, what is in need of attention, and where to focus their immediate efforts.