Scania Site Optimisation is a framework of tools, methods, and information to improve mining transport operations. Identifying and remedying efficiency gaps within the key areas Time, Load, Road, Safety and Sustainability will help you increase revenue, manage risks, and reduce cost.

The core of Scania Site Optimisation is to implement the lean principles, tools, and methods in the real mining situation. Through collaboration and partnership with you, we will work towards continuous improvements and implementation to ensure your optimal productivity and operating cost.

Scania provide solutions based on your requirements and operational needs. And Scania Site Optimisation is no different. Our offer ranges from site assessment, workshop dilligence, to the full site optimisation project.

Site Assessment

Whether if you’re a Scania customer or not, we will bring an expert on your site to assess your transportation or workshop processes. By analysing the Time, Load, and Road factors, we can present the findings to you on the best way you can utilise your equipment and improve your process.

Workshop Diligence

Our service team is ready to help you maximise your productivity in the workshop. Whether if it’s improving your current workshop operation, or if you would like Scania to run the operation for you, we’ve got you covered.

Partnership Solutions

Together, we turn potential into progress. The most challenging part of any project is making sure that the implementation is embedded in the ways of working with continuous improvements. Together, we will prioritise and plan, set timeline and action items, and create ways to measure relevant Time, Load, Road, Safety, Sustainability, as well as CAPEX and OPEX, factors.

We understand that change in any organisation could face resistance and take time. We will work closely with you to assure that all stakeholders agree on how to work towards the set targets, whether it’s training, implementation, or follow-up of results. Scania has over 20 years’ experience of success implementation of lean principles on our own production – a proof of our concept.