Vehicles have to be on the move no matter what. Even in conditions where the going is tough and trucks can be running for 22 hours a day. In order to keep up productivity and profitability you need the best solution for the maintenance and repair of vehicles. That’s why on-site support in mining can make all the difference.

From maintenance contracts, driver services, to Scania ready-to-deploy field workshops, Scania has created extensive services tailored to mining operations by working closely with mining companies and engaging in joint development projects.

Scania has been providing heavy trucks for more than 125 years. In the process, we’ve built up a strong support and service network in over 100 countries. Our services are geared to increase your business flow, productivity and uptime – which will show up on your bottom line, every time.

In addition, our connected service solutions are designed to help you utilise the data from your vehicle, so that you can make decisions based on facts, not fiction. The key to connectivity is not just about the hardware and big data. It’s how can we use turn those data into valuable information in order to help you visualise your operation in near real-time.